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The Center for Professional Development (CPD) offers 150 non-credit programs that can lead to professional certification in a variety of "portable" careers, and nearly two-thirds of courses qualify for veterans' benefits. Within CPD, the Center for Technology Leadership (CTL) provides professional development for new and aspiring information technology leaders in higher education.

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Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) is the home of Excelsior College® Examinations and UExcel® exams, serving Excelsior's degree-seeking students and others seeking to earn credit by examination. In addition, CEM provides resources for other academic and non-academic organizations seeking expertise in various forms of assessment of prior knowledge and competency.

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Provide a transformative model for learner success through the expanding field of educational games and simulations including curriculum and learner support innovation.

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Excelsior counts more than 10,000 active duty military and veterans among its student population of over 36,000. Excelsior's deep commitment to servicemembers is embodied in the Center for Military Education, a unique full-service educational resource for military personnel, veterans, and family members. The CME supports military student success with a range of specialized benefits and programs. It is also the home of Excelsior College's Lt. Col. Bryant A. Murray Veterans Center.

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Educators Serving Educators (ESE) offers Excelsior's expertise in online education to other institutions seeking to explore and develop online education programs.

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Hudson Whitman/Excelsior College Press is a small college press that will acquire, publish, and market a range of contemporary nonfiction books in areas academically important to Excelsior College. The goal is to publish high-quality projects on topics of contemporary interest that celebrate human endeavors.

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The Veterans Center offers resources, information, support, and place to interact with other Veterans at Excelsior.

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The National Cybersecurity Institute is an academic and research center located in Washington D.C dedicated to assisting government, industry, military, and academic sectors meet the challenges in cybersecurity policy, technology, and education. The Institute's unique team of cybersecurity experts draws from different industries and organizations who are working together to educate and advise the public and private sectors on today's cybersecurity issues and needs.

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The Presidents' Forum, established in 2004, is a collaboration of accredited, national, adult-serving institutions and programs which have embraced the power and potential of online education. The Mission of the Presidents' Forum is to advance the recognition of innovative practice and excellence in online learning. This is accomplished by providing a venue for leaders in higher education and stakeholders to share their knowledge and learn from others' best practices.

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