Executive Staff

Susan O'Hern

Vice President of Information Technology

Susan O’Hern is responsible for leading the information technology enterprise for Excelsior College including academic and administrative computing, Web services, and information technology strategic planning.

Ms. O’Hern has been an integral part of Excelsior College’s technological growth, complete with a proven track record of successful enterprise-wide information technology projects. An exacting manager of projects and an artful manager of people, Ms. O’Hern has directed a growing and evolving staff of Excelsior College IT professionals for many years. She has led the development of several projects that are at the core of the College’s mission, including the creation of a student information system and the launch of a complex financial aid system.

Ms. O’Hern is a consummate communicator, capable of building collaborative teams of technical and business experts to expand the service offerings of the College to its many diverse audiences. She is an active, involved leader of several initiatives related to improving student success with innovative technology.

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