Student Feedback

We listen to your feedback and make improvements to the student experience based upon survey results about your Excelsior College experience across a variety of topics.

Wondering why you were not contacted for one of these surveys?

We know that our students are busy, so we have an institutional policy limiting the amount of times any member of the Excelsior community can be contacted to participate in a research project. That’s why it’s so important that you participate when you receive a request for feedback.

Let your voice be heard. Watch your email for upcoming opportunities to tell us what you think.

Improvements Based Upon Student Survey Feedback

  • Created a Student Success Blog to support Advisor to Student communications
  • School of Nursing has started offering one day in-person CPNE® skills workshops
  • Corrections and/or updates to the exam content guides are made as needed and published on the web immediately, instead of once per year.
  • School of Nursing has designed a CPNE portal page with all necessary information in one place
  • Several corrections were made to UExcel® test items based on examinee feedback
  • Migrated the Video Resource Pages to a public area for ease of re-use in other initiatives
  • Modified Library web pages (login required) so links are more prominent for usability
  • School of Nursing has revamped the MS capstone to provide more opportunity for students to work on capstone projects within a course and with guidance of course faculty
  • Improved Excelsior College course search page
  • School of Nursing has updated the content guides


Survey Topics

Here are some of our regular surveys that ask students for their feedback on the Excelsior College experience: 

Beginning Student Survey (BSS) provides insight into preparation for students entering Excelsior College degree programs to ensure that student needs are identified and supported.

First Year Student Survey (FYSS) asks students to reflect upon their experience at Excelsior College after they have completed nine months of study to address issues of student satisfaction.

Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL) is a survey designed to evaluate what students believe is important about their education experience as well as how satisfied they are with their experiences.

Course Evaluation Surveys are distributed each term and are used to monitor the quality of courses, faculty, and programs.

Exit and Alumni Surveys invite graduates to share their thoughts regarding how well the college prepared them for employment and continuing education.

Don't let other students be your voice.  Tell us what YOU think when you receive a survey!

Survey Results in Detail

Do you wonder if other students feel the way that you do about their Excelsior College experience?  To find out, review the most recent executive summary results for the following student surveys.

Policy Limiting Survey Contact

Criteria Relating to Research Involving Excelsior College Enrolled or Prospective Students, Faculty, Staff or Alumni

To minimize survey fatigue and the oversampling of prospective students, enrolled students, staff, faculty and alumni, and optimize the value of survey activities, the College has established a policy limiting the number of times annually that a student, staff member, faculty member, or alumnus may be included as a subject in a research study. Students may not be selected as a survey recipient more than once during a 90 day period and faculty and staff may not be selected as a survey recipient more than once within a 30 day period.

During the IRB review of research proposals involving prospective students, enrolled students, staff, faculty and alumni, consideration will be given to methods proposed by the researcher to minimize oversampling. In general, research involving members of these groups should use sampling methods rather than selecting entire populations as research subjects.

Exemptions to the Oversampling Restriction

Research studies exempted from the oversampling restriction include course evaluations, workshop evaluations, examination surveys, service quality surveys issued by Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness and the Office of Information and Technology Services, surveys required to meet institutional or program accreditation expectations, surveys conducted by Excelsior College staff or faculty on individuals not affiliated with the College unless a review is requested by the researcher, and others deemed essential by the provost and chief academic officer.

Contact Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness

Let us know if you:

  • Have an issue or concern that you would like our Executive Committee to review for possible inclusion on an upcoming student survey
  • Would like to know how the results of a specific survey are used and how you can find out about improvements based upon student feedback
  • Have any questions about anonymity or confidentiality
  • Have any general questions regarding one of our surveys or our research process

Email your suggestions, comments, and concerns to

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