Certificate in Health Care Informatics

Program learning outcomes: What Will I Learn?

  1. Use critical thinking skills to identify informatics solutions to improve health care delivery.
  2. Participates as a member of an interdisciplinary informatics team responsible for the design, implementation, and management of an information management system.
  3. Applies health care informatics knowledge and skills needed in the development, management, and evaluation of information systems.
  4. Articulates health care informatics perspectives and issues in a professional role.

Evidence of Student Learning - Internal: How will the program measure what I have learned?

Program outcomes were measured in the following required courses: HINF 551, Systems Lifecycle and HINF 522- Informatics and the Healthcare Delivery System. These results are current as of December 2013.

In the course HINF 551, the final assessment supports the learning outcomes 1,2 ,and 3. Students are required to complete a Systems Design Report which addresses specific elements of the systems lifecycle techniques for coordinating and managing the information system of: planning, analysis, design, implementation and evaluation. 89% of the students that completed this report exceeded expectations and 12% of the students met expectations.  A study group of less than 20 was utilized. 

In the course 522, a final assessment supports learning objectives 1,2 and 3. The student is required to complete an information management Report, (IMA). This report, provides an assessment framework for examining a specific information application within a healthcare environment. 83% of the students exceeded expectations and 18% of the students met expectations for this assignment. A study group of less than 20 was utilized.

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