Program learning outcomes: What Will I Learn?

Students who complete the major in History will be able to:

  1. Objectively evaluate a variety of historical sources (primary & secondary) for their credibility, position, and perspective.
  2. Critique multiple historical and theoretical viewpoints that provide perspective on the past.
  3. Integrate conflicting narratives and evidence to create a cohesive whole, utilizing multiple tools, methods, and perspectives. 
  4. Demonstrate a methodological practice of gathering, sifting, analyzing, ordering, synthesizing, and interpreting evidence which can summarize scholarly historical arguments.
  5. Construct a historical argument that is reasoned and based on historical evidence which describes and analyzes the past for its use in the present.
  6. Articulate a contemporary social perspective based on historical knowledge and analysis.

This program significantly revised its student learning outcomes in January 2015 and does not have sufficient results to present outcomes data at the program level for these outcomes at this time. Data represented on this site includes information on programs that have been in existence longer than 3 years, and have available direct and indirect learning outcomes data on at least 20 students, or unless otherwise specified by specialized accreditation to require reporting of all results less than n = 20.

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