Master of Cybersecurity

Program Outcomes: What Will I Learn?

  1. Continuously monitor, maintain, and enhance the protection of enterprise-wide information assets through effective industry accepted information management and risk management techniques.
  2. Implement an Incident Response team that legally, ethically, and efficiently respond to cyber incidents.
  3. Detect, analyze and respond to cyber attacks on networks and computer systems.
  4. Conduct risk and vulnerability assessments of existing and proposed information systems.
  5. Develop and implement organizational cybersecurity policies and procedures.
  6. Utilize the best sources of information available related to cyber security issues, threats, and recovery.

This program began enrolling students in August, 2011 and does not have sufficient results to present outcomes data at the program level. Data represented on this site includes information on programs that have been in existence longer than 3 years, and have available direct and indirect learning outcomes data on at least 20 students, or unless otherwise specified by specialized accreditation to require reporting of all results less than n = 20.

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