Bachelor of Professional Studies in Technology Management

Program Outcomes: What Will I Learn?

  • Use commonly available workplace technology tools to communicate professional information in clear, grammatical, and effective written prose.
  • Develop and communicate cohesive arguments using appropriate supporting evidence and effective prose.
  • Interpret events using more than one perspective, with an understanding of the significance of integrating knowledge and skills in the workplace.
  • Identify, critically evaluate, and propose solutions for management problems.
  • Apply knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences to problem solving in management contexts.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the ethical implications of actions.
  • Demonstrate information literacy.
  • Participate effectively in groups.
  • Apply project management techniques where appropriate.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the natural sciences, particularly as applied to the technical specialty.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of computer usage applicable to problem solving in technology areas.
  • Demonstrate competency in the analysis, interpretation, and application of data in the chosen technical area.
  • Apply the fundamentals of mathematics to problem solving.

Data represented on this site includes information on programs that have been in existence longer than 3 years, and have available direct and indirect learning outcomes data on at least 20 students, or unless otherwise specified by specialized accreditation to require reporting of all results less than n = 20.

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