Credit for IT Certifications

Instructions for verifying certification examinations and courses from Excelsior approved vendors:

In order to allow third parties to verify your valid certifications, previously earned certifications, and passed exams, please use the Publish Credentials option within the Certification Tracking System.

  1. Go to the Cisco Certification Tracking System and log in.
  2. Click on Publish Credentials.
  3. Select the credentials that you would like to publish.
  4. Enter this Excelsior email address:
  5. Type any message you want to include in the email to Cisco.
  6. Click Preview Report (optional).
    The Preview Report page is watermarked "VOID - Sample Only." The actual report sent will not have the watermark.
    Note: If you want to make modifications or do not want to send the report, click Back.
  7. Click Publish Report.
    The status message, "Your certifications have successfully been published," displays in red at the top of the page under your name and candidate ID number.
  8. Click on the menu bar to the left to continue.

Please call the Excelsior School of Business & Technology if you need further assistance: 888-647-2388 ext. 134.

Note: Cisco examinations or courses taken 10 or more years ago can not be used for academic credit.

If you do not have a copy of your score report, please call the test delivery provider that you used to take your exam. They will either mail you a copy of your score report or email the information to you.

  • VUE:  877-551-7587 
  • Prometric: 800-776-4276

In order to validate or verify CompTIA certifications, you need to publish your certifications online.

  1. Publish your certification(s) to any third party.
  2. Log in or create a user name and password if you are a first time user.
  3. Click on the Transcript tab and then select Create new transcript.
  4. Make sure Display Certs and Display Address are checked.
  5. In the Can't be viewed until field, enter dates that cover a week.
  6. Click Submit. The Transcript page is displayed again.
  7. Enter in the email field.

Contact CompTIA with questions on the certification request process in either of the following ways:
Phone: 630-678-8300 option 5

On the ICDL (The International Computer Driving License) Web site, select Contact Us in the upper right. Enter your contact information in the fields provided. In the Query box, enter "How do I get a transcript sent to Excelsior College?"

(ISC)² members can request a transcript from (ISC)² through the following process:

Send an email to (ISC)² Member Support at and request that a verification letter of all earned certifications be sent to Excelsior College via email at In your request, please include the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Exams Completed
  • Exam Completion Dates

Microsoft will send an official copy of your transcript directly to Excelsior College.
Make your request in any of the following ways:

Certification status can be verified using the official Oracle Certification Program.

Due to privacy and legal restrictions, Oracle cannot provide verification of certification status to us without your direct involvement.

You must initiate the verification request through CertView using the self service 3rd Party Verification Tool:

  • Go to CertView and log in
  • Select Publish Credentials to 3rd Parties
  • Select the certification(s) you want to verify and enter the email address of
  1. Email your request to
  2. Enter Excelsior College Certification Verification in the subject line.
  3. Include your first and last name, mailing address (street, city, zip, country), email address, month and day of birth, and Prometric Testing ID Number.
  4. The request must also include the following statement: "By submitting this verification request to SAS Institute Inc. (SAS), I authorize SAS to send the SAS Certified Professional Program Verification document, which includes my personally identifiable information, directly to Excelsior College, Transcript department. In addition, I understand that any disclosure of information carries with it the potential for an unauthorized redisclosure and the information may not be protected by federal, state, or local confidentiality laws or regulations". If the above statement is not included in your request, SAS will not release the document to Excelsior College.

SAS will mail directly to the Excelsior College Office of Registration and Records the SAS Certification Program Exam Verification Letter on SAS letterhead, signed by the SAS Certification Program Operations Manager. The letter will include the exam number, exam title, and exam passing date.

Sun will mail an official paper copy of your transcript directly to you. You then forward it to Excelsior College. In order to obtain a copy of your certification, please do the following:

  1. Email:
  2. Request a copy of your Sun certificate be mailed to you.
  3. Include your full name and Prometric ID# in the request.
  4. Do not open the envelope from Sun
  5. Place the unopened envelope in another envelope and mail to:
      Office of Registration and Records
      Excelsior College
      7 Columbia Circle
      Albany, New York 12203-5159