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Federal and Financial aid is available regardless of income, with low interest rates and flexible payment options. Excelsior College is the pioneer in offering federal aid for a completely online education. Certificate programs do not qualify for financial aid.

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You can validate your college-level knowledge in business or in other areas of collegiate study through a number of approved methods, including proficiency examinations such as Excelsior College® Examinations and College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) subject examinations, and through Portfolio-Based Assessment of your acquired degree-related, college-level learning through your employment, community, volunteer, or other experiences.

Distribution requirements for general education ensure that all students develop basic competence (at least 100-level courses/examinations) in the areas of arts and sciences (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics), as well as specific abilities in written English and information literacy.

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You may complete all of the requirements by examination for the AS in Business and AAS in Business degree programs with the exception of the  Information Literacy requirement in both degree programs.


No. To be considered advanced-level, a course must be taken at a regionally accredited four-year college or university and must be a junior- or senior-level.

If you are enrolled in the BS in Business – General Business concentration, you may complete all of the requirements by examination with the exception of  Business Policy and the Information Literacy requirement. However, if you are enrolled in one of the other BS in Business concentrations, you may complete some, but not all, of the specific concentration area requirements in this manner. Please contact your Academic Advisor for specific information.

More than 250 graduate institutions, including many of the most traditional and competitive in the country, have admitted our graduates. Many of our graduates have said that the independence and motivation required by Excelsior College provides excellent preparation for graduate school.

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