Loan Disclosure Information

Excelsior College policies and procedures pertaining to private loans

Please note that these are institutional policies and may differ from policies set forth by the lenders.

  • After a private loan is certified, it will be disbursed twice.
  • The first disbursement will take place 8-10 business days after the loan is certified. The second disbursement will take place 6 months later, if eligible.
  • Eligibility is defined as 2 or more exams in a 6 month period. The 6 month period will be based on date the loan is originally certified.
  • If the student does not complete at least 2 exams in the 6 month period, the second disbursement will be cancelled.
  • If at the close of the 12 month period the student applies for additional private loans, at least 4 exams must be completed to certify additional loans.
  • If at least 4 exams are not completed, the loan will not be certified.
  • Loans will be certified to a maximum amount of $7,000 per year.
  • If the requested loan amount is $5,000 or less, disbursement will take place once, 8-10 business days after certification.
  • If certification does not take place because the student did not complete minimum number of exams required, the student must complete the required amount before the loan is certified.
  • In certain situations, a student may be eligible for additional $3,500 in one award year, for a maximum of $10,500.
  • For additional loans in one award year, the student needs to show outstanding academic progress, defined as at least 24 credits in a single year based on a combination of exams and courses.
  • Students receiving federal aid that become ineligible for additional disbursements of federal aid may receive private loans up to their budgets as determined by the federal aid officer.

Every Student at Excelsior College has the right to choose the lender of their choice

  • Excelsior College only recommends lenders who do not sell their loans to another lender later since borrowers can and do lose certain benefits when lenders sell students' loans to other lenders.
  • The College continuously monitors the service our students receive from the lenders on our list and encourages feedback regarding experiences with all lenders. The financial aid office reviews the listing of lenders on an annual basis.
  • As these lenders are all independent entities, Excelsior College cannot guarantee their services, and no guarantee is given or implied that these particular lenders have the lowest available rates.

Questions to ask lenders

Choice of lender is in all cases the borrower's responsibility. Excelsior College provides the same treatment and service to all student and parent borrowers, regardless of the lender they select. To help you make an informed decision we recommend that you ask prospective lenders about their practices. Here are a few questions and the reasons for asking them:

Why you should ask: Fees that are deducted up front will cost you money because you will not have received all of the money you have borrowed.

Why you should ask: All savings are desirable. However, some benefits only happen during repayment when you are finished with school. Many of these back end benefits (benefits that accrue after repayment begins) are tied to on-time payments and can be lost if you miss or are late on one payment.

Why you should ask: Incentives offered to borrowers who make forty-eight consecutive on-time payments sound attractive, but it may be very difficult to meet those requirements. If you are just a few days late with only one payment, the benefit usually becomes unavailable.

Why you should ask: Loans can be sold without the borrower's permission, and this can leave the borrower with a lender that does not provide the same quality service as your original lender. Excelsior College strongly recommends borrowing from lenders who provide service over the life of your loan and who will not sell your loan.

Why you should ask: It's important that you be able to ask questions and get help from a lender at times that fit into your own schedule.


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