Military Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Fees

  Excelsior Course Option Multi-Source Option Description
(waived for military servicemembers for all undergraduate degree programs except for the School of Nursing)
$50 $50 A preliminary review of transcripts and training credits (includes projected outline of remaining degree requirements) is offered as an option for military servicemembers. Military servicemembers proceed to enroll directly.
Enrollment1,2 $0
(waived for military servicemembers and family members)
$760 Official evaluation of transfer credits, academic advisement, and academic program planning for the first year.
Certificate Program $50 $50 Review and process of student files for certificate conferral upon completion.
Annual Student fee $0
As long as you take 6 credits each year until your Excelsior College course credit obligation is met, otherwise $70.
$495 annually Library services, academic advising, evaluation of transfer credit, and academic program planning.
Graduation4 $130 $4952 Final review and processing of student records for degree conferral and issuance of diploma.
Course Credit Requirement:
Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies or Administrative / Management Studies:
Minimum of 9 Excelsior College course credits. None Minimum number of Excelsior College course credits.
Course Credit Requirement:
Other Associate and Bachelor's degrees:
Minimum of 15 Excelsior College course credits. None Minimum number of Excelsior College course credits.
Tuition3 for Military Servicemembers and family members $250 $250 Per credit tuition cost for all undergraduate courses.

Fees subject to change without notice.

1If you did not pay an enrollment fee and your status changes to withdrawn at the associate, bachelor's, or graduate level program, and you then wish to re-enroll in any program at the same degree level, you will be charged an enrollment fee equivalent to the prevailing SSAF and reactivation fees.

2Students enrolled in the Multi-source option will receive a $15 per credit discount on the Graduation Fee.

3 An additional $20 non-matriculation fee is charged to non-enrolled students taking Excelsior College courses.

4All students are required to pay the graduation fee. Our annual Commencement ceremony is held In Albany in July. Registration is required if you wish to attend and there is a small fee for your cap and gown assessed at registration. For more Information visit our Commencement page.

Military Servicemembers: The undergraduate application for admission and preliminary review are optional for you unless you are applying to an undergraduate nursing degree program. Learn more by visiting your branch-specific Getting Started page.

Army Soldiers: Enrollment, student services, and graduation administrative fees are waived for select degree programs under the College of the American Soldier (CAS) Enrollment Option. In exchange for waiving these administrative fees, Army soldiers agree to take a minimum number of Excelsior course credits toward their degree requirements.


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