Veterans Tuition and Fees

Excelsior College offers a reduced fee structure for veterans to help make education more affordable. We also have veteran-friendly policies and advising services that make it easy to apply GI Bill® benefits and other educational benefits toward your Excelsior degree.

The information on this page applies to military veterans and DoD civilians.

If you are an active-duty servicemember or a military family member, see the Military Tuition and Fees page to learn about Excelsior's special pricing and financial aid programs.

We offer two enrollment options:

  • The Excelsior Course Option—cost-optimized for students who will take at least 12 Excelsior course credits before they graduate.
  • The Multi-Source Option—designed for students who need to take fewer than 12 Excelsior course credits.

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Undergraduate Fees Excelsior Course Option Multi-Source Option
1. Application for admission and Preliminary review of transcripts $0 $0
2. Commitment $01 $760
3. Tuition $510
per credit
per credit
4. Annual Student Fee (SSAF)
$0 annually2 $495
5. Graduation
$4953, 4 $4953, 4

Fees subject to change without notice.

Contact the financial aid office to learn about fee waivers and discounts that may apply to the above rates.

Explore our Veteran Partnerships for more reduced rate options.

1Students who do not complete the required number of Excelsior course credits before graduation will be switched to the Multi-Source option and charged the prevailing commitment fee for that option.

2Students who do not complete the required number of Excelsior course credits per year will be charged the prevailing SSAF for this option. 

3$15 will be deducted for each Excelsior course credit earned.

4All students are required to pay the graduation fee. Our annual Commencement ceremony is held In Albany in July. Registration is required if you wish to attend and there is a small fee for your cap and gown assessed at registration. For more Information visit our Commencement page.

Excelsior Helps You Control Costs

In addition to offering reduced fees for military veterans, Excelsior College provides a range of financial aid programs and services to ensure that veterans have access to an affordable education.

Excelsior serves thousands of military veterans every year. Our policies and programs are optimized for convenient use of GI Bill benefits and other educational programs for veterans.

Financial Aid for Veterans

Learn how to apply GI Bill® benefits and other educational benefits toward an Excelsior degree program at the LTC Bryant A. Murray Veterans Center.

Veteran Ed. Benefit Info

Speak with an Excelsior College financial aid advisor