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Veterans Tuition and Fees

Excelsior College offers a reduced fee structure for veterans to help make education more affordable. We also have veteran-friendly policies and advising services that make it easy to apply GI Bill® and other educational benefits toward your Excelsior degree.

The costs on this page apply to military veterans and DoD civilian employees.

Your enrollment options

Excelsior Course Option

If you'll earn 12 or more credits through Excelsior online courses before you graduate, choose the Excelsior Course Option.

If you'll earn 6 credits or more at Excelsior before you graduate and are enrolling in the AAS in Technical Studies or the AAS in Administrative/Management Studies program, choose the Excelsior Course Option.

Multi-Source Option

If you'll earn fewer than 12 credits at Excelsior before you graduate, choose the Multi-Source Option. This option includes an administrative enrollment fee.

Below are the costs associated with each enrollment option:

  Course Option Multi-Source Option Description
Admission Application Fee $0 $0 Admission fee for a preliminary