Costs & Financing

Excelsior College has been offering affordable education for working adults since 1971. Our budget-friendly degree programs are affordable by design, tailored to fit comfortably alongside other household expenses.

Excelsior makes education affordable for working adults by:

  • Charging lower tuition than other online institutions. (Scroll down to compare.)
  • Minimizing the number of credits you need to graduate.
  • Helping you access loans, grants, scholarships, and other financial aid from a wide range of funding sources.
  • Providing payment-plan options that let you pay in monthly installments.
  • Enabling you to work full-time while you earn your degree.
  • Offering discounted tuition and fee for military veterans, active-duty servicemembers, and their families.
  • Letting you take courses from home, with the flexibility to complete class assignments 24/7. 

Tuition Comparison

You pay significantly less per credit at Excelsior than at many online colleges.

Tuition Price Per Credit

Excelsior College
$425 Summer Term I
$465*Summer Term II
Excelsior College 
$565 Summer Term I
$605*Summer Term II
DeVry University
DeVry University
Strayer University
Strayer University
University of Phoenix Online
University of Phoenix Online

* Fees subject to change without notice.
** Full-time students have reduced per-credit rate.
*** Out-of-state student rate.
Rate is higher for MBA degree. Rate is lower for active-duty military students and their spouses.


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