Taking courses but not yet enrolled in a degree program?

Non-enrolled Student Resources

  • Bookstore
    Find recommended books and study materials grouped by exam name/number in our online bookstore or find them listed in an exam’s Content Guide. Our bookstore provides the convenience of 24/7 one-stop shopping, competitive pricing, money-saving used book options, and a book buy-back program.
  • Career Center
    Fine tune your career direction at our career center. Whether you are a future student, a current student, or one of our alumni, we have information, resources, and services geared to your educational and career needs.
  • Dislability Services
    We are committed to the principle that every individual should have an equal opportunity to enroll in an Excelsior College degree program, register for courses or examinations to demonstrate knowledge and skills under appropriate conditions, and to complete a degree. The College strives to assure reasonable accommodations to students toward these goals.
  • Excelsior College Online Writing Lab
    The Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a free public writing resource covering all aspects of undergraduate writing.
  • Free Tutoring
    Work with a tutor online in real-time or submit questions or essays for a next day response. You can also pre-schedule online appointments using Smarthinking, a free online tutoring service.

    Please note: We have learned of a Web site that may confuse our students into paying for the tutoring support we make available to them - free of charge - via Smarthinking. NOTE the single "t" in the name of the legitimate site. An unofficial site has apparently been launched (www.smartthinking.com - notice the double "t.") This unofficial site contains listings for an array of vendors, unaffiliated with Excelsior or the legitimate Smarthinking, offering fee-based tutorial assistance on multiple subjects.

    As an Excelsior student, you can access the legitimate site and its services at no cost via the Resources tab at your MyExcelsior main page. (Login required.)

  • Guided Learning Packages for Excelsior College® Examinations (ECEs)
    We've gathered all the recommended study materials needed to cover and learn the subject matter on an ECE into a customized guided learning package. Available for a select number of exams, you can purchase guided learning packages through our bookstore.
  • Library
    Our library provides:
    • 24/7 availability
    • Millions of the world’s most current authoritative resources
    • Help and support from staff librarians
  • Ombudsperson
    Our ombudsperson listens to student related concerns and resolves issues from an unbiased perspective. The Ombudsperson is not an advocate for students or the College, but rather an impartial party who makes problem-solving decisions independently.