Embracing the Future: Preserving Tradition with Online Education

This event was held October 14-16, 2011. Selected presentation materials are available for viewing in Microsoft's PowerPoint (PPTX) and/or Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

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Friday, October 14
Evening Reception and Dinner

Welcome and Acknowledgements  

Dr. William Cox
Publisher, Diverse Issues in Higher Education


Tom Joyner, Sr.
Founder of HBCUsOnline.com and Host of the Tom Joyner Morning Show

Dr. John Ebersole
President, Excelsior College

Saturday, October 15

Dr. George Timmons
Dean, Online Education, Excelsior College

Keynote Address
Education in a Democratic Society: Why Access is Important

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski
President, The University of Maryland, Baltimore County

We in education are in the business of transforming lives and preparing students for the future. Today, more than ever, students need as much education as possible, not only to find employment in the near-near-term, but, even more important, to prepare for a future full of change. Twenty-five years ago, we had little idea where we would be today as a nation - and as a planet - because of unprecedented changes involving demographic shifts, new technologies, and economic globalization. Given how profoundly life has changed over the past quarter-century - often in unforeseen ways - it is difficult to know with certainty where America and the world will be 25 years from now. We do know, however, that one critical challenge will be the need to increase access to college for Americans. Dr. Hrabowski will discuss the 'access imperative' and the special role of America's historically black colleges and universities - and HBCU leaders - in preparing many more students for the future.

Going Online - Are You Ready?


Charles Hill
Online Teaching Consultant, ESE

This session will highlight many of the issues universities face as they prepare to offer some courses and programs totally online. Administrative planning and potential stumbling blocks, as well as faculty concerns will be addressed.

Doing Your Research Homework:
The importance and challenges of online higher education market research


Richard Garrett

"Online higher education" and "enrollment growth" are often featured in the same sentence. Online delivery has far outpaced overall higher education enrollment growth in recent years, and many colleges and universities are tantalized by the prospect of market expansion and new revenue streams. Market appetite for online is genuine, and online promises many instructional and convenience benefits, but schools ignore market research at their peril. In 2011, the online higher education market is increasingly crowded and commoditized, and too many schools embark on an online push characterized by the need to raise funds to support campus fundamentals rather than thorough market research that demonstrates specific demand for one or more online programs. This presentation draws on Eduventures' decade plus experience researching the online higher education market, and will outline the key market variables schools need to take into account when evaluating an online opportunity.

Recruiting for Success


Stephen Horn
Vice President of Marketing, HBCUsOnline.com

Mr. Horn will provide insights on the process and nuances of successfully recruiting online students to HBCUs, including a description of the African American online student consumer landscape; understanding the strengths of your School "Brand" and how to position in the marketplace; the importance of crafting a salient consumer value proposition; the role of various marketing tools and putting it all together.

Luncheon [Sponsored by Tata Interactive]

The African Virtual University - An Update


Larry Cooperman
Director, UC Irvine OpenCourseWare
Director, OpenCourseWare
Director, African Virtual University
UC Irvine Extension

The African Virtual University (AVU) is one of the oldest web-based distance learning projects in the world. In the past several years, they have adopted a model that combines open and distance learning, raised their global profile, and increased access to higher education from Somalia to Tanzania. This session will highlight the challenges of distance learning in Africa and how one pancontinental organization supports capacity-building in the higher education sector.

Lessons in Learning - Two Case Studies in Going Online

Dr. Cassandra Herring
Dean, Hampton University

Dr. Calvin Ball
Faculty, Morgan State University

Presenters will describe their experiences of going online. Dr. Ball, a faculty member, will describe what it is like to build a new program from the ground up. Dr. Herring, an administrator, will describe how to balance the traditional aspects of the HBCU culture with the use of technology.

A New Approach to Student Retention


Khori Whittaker
Inside Track

While there have been a plethora of interventions attempted at colleges and universities over the last few decades to address first year student retention, few have been widely successful. However, Stanford University School of Education released a study on student coaching earlier this year with provocative results. With the advent of student coaching, we now have a holistic, well-designed, well-documented, and well-researched program that results in students retaining at a 10 - 15 percent higher rate over 24 months.

The Regulatory Environment


Brian W. Jones
President and co-founder of Latimer Education and former
General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Education

Terry James
Counsel, HBCUsOnline.com

The continued growth of online education today represents a watershed for improving access for traditionally underserved populations. However, that growth has led to increased legislative and regulatory scrutiny that, at its best, will improve educational and career outcomes for online students and, at its worst, threatens to impede innovation and limit access. In this session, we will discuss the key legislative and regulatory issues facing institutions offering online programs. We will also discuss recent regulations issued by the Department of Education, and the concerns they are intended to address, as well as critical issues still under consideration by federal policymakers.

Sunday, October 16
Education and the 21st Century

Dr. Jonathan Gueverra
President, Community College of the District of Columbia

Dr. Gueverra will address the need for HBCUs and other minority serving institutions to increase their access to education and the opportunity it provides. He will echo the message recently delivered by Dr. John Wilson, executive director of the White House Initiative on HBCUs. There is a growing need to embrace the potential of online learning and to build an infrastructure that will allow increasing numbers of African Americans to experience the quality and tradition for which HBCUs are known.

Implementing an Online Course Quality Assurance Program: Lessons Learned

Rhonda Spells
Director Elearning Services
Prince George's Community College

In 2005, Prince George's Community College (PGCC) formally adopted the Quality Matters program as the institutional standard for evaluating quality in all online courses. We will share our experiences implementing and managing an in-house quality assurance program and the true cost of ownership.

Resources Panel

Dr. George Timmons, Moderator

Cox CommunicationInside Track
Educators Serving EducatorsTata Interactive
OER/OCW (OpenCourseWare UCI)

Each vendor will give an overview of their company and the services they provide. The purpose of this session is to give participants the opportunity to voice the barriers that prevent them from entering online education and vendors the opportunity to articulate how their services can remove those barriers.

Resources Panel Members

Closing - "Tying it All Together"

Thomas Joyner Jr.
President, HBCUsOnline

Dr. John Ebersole
President, Excelsior College