End of Course Grade Appeals

Statement of Policy

The End of Course Grade Appeals Policy applies only to students taking Excelsior College courses. A formal grade appeal will be pursued only if the student presents evidence of error, bias, or capriciousness on the part of the instructor in determining the student's final grade for the course.

Note: Refer to the Academic Honesty policy if any form of plagiarism is suspected and involved in determining the final grade.


End of Course Grade Appeal Process

1. Students with questions regarding their final course grade should contact the instructor within 10 calendar days after the end of the course term.

  • Online course students have access to the course for 10 calendar days after the end of the course term.
  • CD-Rom course students should contact their instructor by email.

2. Students who miss this 10 calendar day window, or are unable to resolve the issue with the instructor, will have an additional 20 days to contact the school for assistance. See Contact Information for School Courses.

3. If the student has been unsuccessful with resolving the grade issue, they have the right to file a written appeal with the dean of the school within 60 days of the end of the course. The written appeal must include the following:

  • Course name
  • Course department and number
  • Term
  • Student name and ID number
  • Instructor name
  • A detailed explanation of the grounds for appeal including supporting documentation

Receipt of the formal appeal will be acknowledged within 72 hours. The dean or designee will investigate the appeal and the dean will render a final decision within 30 days of receipt of the appeal.

The grade appeal decision is final. No further appeal will be accepted.

Contact Information for School Courses

Toll Free Phone
Excelsior Colleges offers a toll free number for course issues and concerns. Students can use this resource for contact information for their instructor or school designee.

Call toll free 877-852-5692 and enter the extension for the office you need:

2067 Course help-Liberal Arts
2068 Course help-Business & Technology
2069 Course help-Nursing
2070 Course help-Health Sciences
2071 Course help-Liberal Arts Masters
2072 Course help-Nursing Masters

Undergraduate Courses Email Addresses

Liberal Arts Courses: sla-appeal@excelsior.edu
Business/Technology Courses: bt_courseissues@excelsior.edu
Health Sciences courses: healthscience@excelsior.edu
Nursing Baccalaureate Courses: nursingbachelors@excelsior.edu

Graduate Courses Email Addresses

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Courses: sla-appeal@excelsior.edu
Master of Business Administration Courses: bt_courseissues@excelsior.edu
Master of Science in Nursing Courses: nursingmasters@excelsior.edu
Graduate-Level Health Sciences Courses: healthscience@excelsior.edu

End of Course Grade Appeal Process for INL 102

Students who want to contest a final course grade of F for the INL 102 course must submit their appeal in writing to the Ombudsperson Office within 10 calendar days after the end of the course term. Email: ombudsperson@excelsior.edu