CPNE® Application & Payment

After you become CPNE-eligible and have selected a test site (login required), do the following to apply for your CPNE:

1. Gather the required documents
2. Review the cost and payment options
3. Apply online for your exam

Required Documents

Gather the documents listed below and submit them as file attachments as you apply online. Acceptable file formats for attachment include the following: gif, jpg, jpe, jfif, jif, tiff, and tif. If you do not have access to a scanner at home or work, ask a friend or relative, or try a local copy center or library.

You must submit a copy of the front and back of your current CPR card, which must also be valid through the time of your scheduled CPNE test date. All online CPR certifications must be validated with hands on skills by a certified instructor of that course.

Approved Courses
If your CPR course name is not listed below, your CPR card will not be accepted.
The American Red Cross
  • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer/HCP
  • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer Instructor/HCP
  • CPR/AED for Healthcare Providers/HCP
American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)
  • CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer
  • CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer Instructor
The Canadian Red Cross
  • CPR level HCP (new)
The National Safety Council
  • Professional Rescuer CPR
  • CPR for Healthcare Providers
  • Professional Rescuer CPR Instructor
  • CPR for Healthcare Providers Instructor
The American Heart Association
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers (HCP)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers Instructor
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • ACLS Certified
  • ACLS Instructor


Students preparing for the CPNE are required to obtain a criminal background check* and submit the results to the School of Nursing. The School of Nursing will provide written verification for all students who have been successfully cleared by a criminal background check to the clinical agency. If the student has been convicted of a felony, student suitability for clinical placement will be determined by the clinical agency, the Dean, or designee of the School of Nursing.

Ordering Your Background Check

Purchase your background check through CertifiedBackground.com and submit the results electronically during the CPNE application process.

  • Go to CertifiedBackground.com and click on "STUDENTS."
  • In the Package Code box, enter the appropriate code (see Cost and Package Codes below).
  • Select a method of payment.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your order.

Once your order is submitted, the results will be available in approximately 48-72 hours. You will receive a password via email to view the results on their secure Web site. Download and attach the results to your CPNE application.

Costs and Package Codes

The cost of the background check depends upon which RPAC you apply to, and you will need the Package Code corresponding to your chosen RPAC when you order your background check.

MPAC and NPAC sites: Cost is $12 and the Package Code is XC39

SPAC sites: Cost is $52* and the Package Code is XC39-1. SPAC requires a more in-depth background check. If you intend to test at Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia, contact the SPAC office before completing your criminal background check.

*The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) Standard HR.1.20 states, "for staff, students, and volunteers who work in the same capacity as staff who provide care, treatment, and services…criminal background checks are verified when required by law and regulation and organizational policy." It further states that "The student's educational institutions must certify that there is nothing in the student's background which would render him/her unsuitable for an assignment in a health care setting." A felony conviction may disqualify a student from clinical placement.

You must submit a good quality passport size (2 x 2 inches), head and shoulder photo of yourself.

The U.S. Department of State's Composition Checklist page shows examples.

If you need help with the photo, you can get a passport-size photo taken many places, including portrait studios of chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Sears, and JCPenny.

All applicants must complete and submit the Clinical Performance Examination Health Status Report (PDF) within one year prior to the scheduled exam date.

Cost and Payment

Review exam fees on the Fees and Tuition page under the Associate degrees. Note: fees shown are for the exams only. Other associated expenses such as books and study resources, or travel, lodging, or providing any required documentation or background checks, are additional.

Pay by credit card during the online application process. You may pay in full, or use our CPNE Payment Plan to budget automatic payments from your checking or savings account. Download the CPNE Payment Plan brochure (PDF) for viewing purposes only.

Third Party Payments
If a third party will be covering all or part of your CPNE fee they will need to provide us with a purchase order or other document for our billing purposes. The document should contain the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Excelsior College student ID number or your Social Security Number
  • How much of the CPNE fee the third party payer is agreeing to pay
  • Name and address of the organization/company, and the name of the contact person to which the invoice should be sent

Send the completed document to our Bursar's Office by one of the following:

Fax: 518-464-8700
Email: 3rdpartybilling@excelsior.edu
Mail: Excelsior College Bursar's Office
           7 Columbia Circle
           Albany, NY 12203
           Attn: Third Party Billing

We will email you when the third party billing is ready, and you may then complete the online application.

Apply Online

When you have all your required documents ready to attach as electronic files (gif, jpg, or tif), go to the CPNE Online Application to apply.

  • Your online application and supporting documents will be reviewed 7-10 business days after submission.
  • It takes a minimum of two months to receive a test date.
  • Your scheduled test date will be 3-8 months from the date your complete application has been accepted by your chosen Regional Performance Assessment Center (RPAC).
  • Choosing multiple test sites within an RPAC may decrease your wait time.
  • An incomplete application will take longer to process.

Your confirmation packet and any site specific documents will be sent to your My Message Center 7 -10 business days after you receive your test date and location.

Cancellation & Site Transfers

  •  You may cancel/reschedule up to three test dates using the same CPNE application.
  • After you have canceled/rescheduled your third test date, you must submit an updated CPNE application.
  • Each time you cancel/reschedule you will be placed back in the scheduling queue, and cancellation fees will apply.

Time FrameFee
45 calendar days or more prior to the scheduled CPNE$100
30-44 calendar days prior to the scheduled CPNE$250
21-29 calendar days prior to the scheduled CPNE$540
14-20 calendar days prior to the scheduled CPNE$800
0-13 calendar days prior to the scheduled CPNEForfeiture of CPNE fee


Site Transfers

If you transfer between RPACs there is a $100 administrative fee in addition to the cancel/reschedule fees outlined above.

Exceptions to this policy will be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the RPAC Director.

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