CPNE® Preparation

Study Materials

Prepare for the CPNE using our DVDs, flash cards and practice kits.

Preparation DVD and Interactive Workbook

A visual supplement to the CPNE Study Guide, this 90-minute orientation DVD presents selected aspects of orientation, laboratory skills, and adult and child care situations. The video is accompanied by an interactive workbook which offers study strategies on care planning and documentation, suggestions on preparing for the CPNE, and written exercises using nursing diagnosis and critical thinking.

Cost: $140, plus shipping. 

DVD is non-refundable.

Ordering: Available only to enrolled associate degree in nursing students - login required.

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CPNE Flash Cards or Audio CD Flash Cards

These flash cards present each area of care with the required critical elements and helpful strategies and sample documentation in a compact, easy-to-read or listen-to format. The 5" x 8" cards are small enough to be used for practice in the clinical area, but large enough for the addition of notes. Cards are hole-punched and come with a ring for easy assembly. The CD is designed to provide easy navigation (forward and reverse) from critical element to critical element.


  • Flash Cards: $12, plus shipping
  • Audio CD Flash Cards: $15, plus shipping
  • Combination Package (flash cards plus audio CD flash cards): $22, plus shipping

Flash card Audio CDs are non-refundable.

Flash Card packaging that has been opened is non-refundable.

Ordering: Available only to enrolled associate degree in nursing students - login required.

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Skill Kit and Guided Learning Booklet

The CPNE Skill Kit contains the supplies you need to practice skills for the exam. Optional items such as a double teaching stethoscope, mini injection pad, and simulation wound are available at extra cost. In addition to the guided learning booklet Nursing Clinical Skills: A Thinking Approach, the basic kit includes these supplies:

CPNE® Skill Kit and Guided Learning Booklet—$70 to $165

In addition to the Nursing Clinical Skills: A Thinking Approach guided learning booklet, the CPNE Skill Kit contains the following supplies:

Dressing Supplies
Intravenous Supplies
Medication Supplies
Sterile 4 x 4s (#4) 500mL primary bag (#1) Medicine cup (#2)
ABD pads 5 x 9s (#2) Primary tubing (#1) 3ml needleless syringe (#3)
Tape -- 1-inch (1 roll) 50mL mini bag (#1) 30ml vial of normal saline (#2)
Sterile saline 100mL (#1) Secondary tubing (#1) Multidose vial adaptor (#2)
Tray of gauze sponges (#1) Alcohol wipes (#10) 10mL vial of normal saline  (#2)
Sterile gloves
  • latex and powder-free: 3 pair
    (latex free also available)
  • standard size 7-1/2
  2x2 gauze pads (#2)
Clean gloves
  • vinyl and powder-free: 10 pair
  • standard size medium


Use our PDF order form to place your order or use the link and instructions inside the PDF to order online directly with the vendor, Coursey Enterprises.

Download the Order Form (PDF - available only to enrolled Associate degree in nursing students - login required)


  • $70   — basic skill kit
  • $100 — includes a double teaching stethoscope like those used in the CPNE
  • $100 — includes mini injection pad
  • $110 — includes simulation wound
  • $135 — includes double teaching stethoscope and simulation wound
  • $140 — includes simulation wound and mini injection pad
  • $165 — includes simulation wound, double teaching stethoscope, and mini injection pad
  • $30   — double teaching stethoscope only
  • $42   — simulation wound only

Optional Items

  • Double teaching stethoscope.
  • Simulation laboratory wound.
  • Mini injection pad which includes four basic needles (No additional needles or needles sold separately. Four basic needles: 1IM, 1SubQ, and 2 insulin are included with mini injection pad only). Mini injection pad can only be purchased when a basic skill kit is ordered at the same time.

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