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Exam Content Guides

Each exam's content guide provides an outline of the topics covered, a list of study resources, sample questions, and a how-to-prepare section. All these resources are recommended by the Excelsior College faculty who develop the exams, so using them is clearly a good idea.

Content guides are updated periodically to reflect changes in particular exams and textbooks. Be sure you have the most recent guide available before taking your exam. Current exam content guides can be found on each exam detail page or by following the link below.

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Nursing Theory Online Conferences

These eight-week long online study sessions are for anyone planning to take the Nursing Theory Examinations. Each Nursing Theory exam has a dedicated online conference. New sessions begin monthly, and registration is open now. The sessions are asynchronous, which means you can learn wherever and whenever you choose within each time frame:

  • Connect and study with Excelsior College Nurse Faculty and other students.
  • Receive coaching as you progress through each online program.
  • Review essential information and concepts covered in each exam through textbook readings, learning activities, case studies, pre-/post-tests, and discussion groups.

Duration: 8 weeks.



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First, create your own free MyExcelsior account. Once you have created an account, you can register online for an exam. You may also register by calling toll free, 888-723-9267.

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