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Test Preparation Advisory

Test Preparation Advisory

Preparation for Excelsior College® Examinations, though based on independent study, is supported by Excelsior College with a comprehensive set of exam learning resources and services designed to help you succeed.

These learning resources are prepared by Excelsior College so you can be assured that they are current and cover the content you are expected to master for the exams. These resources, and your desire to learn, are usually all that you will need to succeed.

There are test-preparation companies that will offer to help you study for our examinations. Some may imply a relationship with Excelsior College and/or make claims that their products and services are all that you need to prepare for our examinations.

Excelsior College is not affiliated with any test preparation firm and does not endorse the products or services of these companies. No test preparation vendor is authorized to provide admissions counseling or academic advising services, or to collect any payments, on behalf of Excelsior College. Excelsior College does not send authorized representatives to a student's home.

Depending upon your individual learning style and needs, you may consider using the services and products of a test preparation vendor to help you prepare for an Excelsior College Examination. Some students have found such materials beneficial while others have not. The decision to purchase the services and products of any of these vendors is entirely up to you.

Excelsior College does not review the materials provided by test preparation companies for content or compatibility with Excelsior College Examinations.

To help you become a well-informed consumer we suggest that you consider the following before making any purchase decision regarding study materials provided by organizations other than Excelsior College.

Does the company:

  • Clearly articulate that it is an independent business enterprise, separate from Excelsior College, and that it is not a degree granting institution?
  • Clearly inform you that the products and services it provides have not been reviewed, nor are they endorsed, by Excelsior College?
  • Openly indicate that it is not an agent of Excelsior College, that it is not authorized to provide admissions counseling or academic advising regarding Excelsior's degree requirements, and that all its costs and fees are separate from those you will pay to the College?
  • Have a record of unresolved complaints/disputes with consumer protection agencies, nursing boards, attorneys general offices, or other similar organizations?
  • Require clients to commit to long-term, binding contracts to access its products and services?
  • Provide data to substantiate the satisfaction of its clients with its products and services?

We have been made aware of several recent incidents in which a test-preparation firm has contacted an Excelsior College student requesting access to their Excelsior College Examinations ® preparatory materials, including practice exams. Sharing learning resources with a test-preparation firm is a clear violation of the academic honesty code. Students found to have engaged in academic dishonesty at Excelsior College will be subject to disciplinary action.

If you are approached by any individual or third-party about sharing any Excelsior College provided study materials, please contact us at PR (at) excelsior.edu.


UExcel ExamsOther Exam Options

We award college credit for AP's college-level exams. Visit the College Board Web site for more information about their available exams.

The CLEP exams include General Examinations and Subject Examinations. All CLEP exams carry lower-level credit. They are offered daily to persons in the U.S. military through DANTES base testing or education services offices. The CLEP institution code for Excelsior College is 2899.

Most DSST exams carry lower-level credit and are offered daily to persons in the U.S. military through the DANTES base testing or education services offices. The DSST institution code for Excelsior College is 9370.

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is assessed for 3 Excelsior graduate level credits. This credit can be uses as an MBA elective, or complete the Project Management requirement in the MBA Technology Management concentration. It can also be used to complete the Project Management requirement in the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business & Management or the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Technology Management degrees.

In order to receive credit, complete the authorization request form (PDF) and fax it to the Project Management Institute (PMI®) number indicated on the form. Add your month /day of birth and/or the last 4 digits of the social security number in order to have two forms of identification on the return verification (PMI does not have this on file).

We have reviewed for credit many of the professional certification examinations including those offered by Cisco, CompTIA, ICDL, Microsoft, Oracle, SAS and Sun. Visit our Credit for IT Certification page.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Portfolio

The PLA Portfolio program offers you the option of receiving an evaluation and assessment of your life learning for college credit, certification, or advanced standing toward further education or training. Examples of possible sources of credit include college-level learning acquired through your work, military service, community and volunteer service, or other experiences.

Learn more about Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Portfolio

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