UExcel® Exams

Who Uses UExcel Exams?

  • Excelsior College students—almost three-fourths of our graduates have earned credit by examination.
  • Students from other colleges use exams for course requirement exemptions and for transfer credits. Check with your academic advisor to see if an exam satisfies your program requirements. View a list of schools using our exams.
  • Working adults apply exam credits toward job advancement, a college degree, certifications, or to validate proficiency in a subject for personal satisfaction. Check with your employer or labor organization for tuition assistance policies related to credit by exam.
  • Employers and associations can offer employees or members an efficient and affordable path to degree completion or certifications with minimum disruption to workplace schedules.
  • Teachers use exams to earn credits toward certification. Satisfactory exam grades are accepted in lieu of coursework to satisfy some requirements in general education, in teaching specialties (such as English or social studies), and in professional education.
  • High school and home schooled students use exams to get a jump-start on earning college credit. We offer many exams that can be used as the basis for college-level study. Students complete the exam related coursework at their school using our available resources and then take the final exam at a Pearson VUE Test Center.

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Exam Registration

First, create your own free MyExcelsior account. Once you have created an account, you can register online for an exam. You may also register by calling toll free, 888-723-9267.

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Please Note

Effective July 1st 2014 – Pearson VUE will charge a test administration fee when you schedule your appointment to test, additional fees apply for phone transactions (scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling). You will pay $50 USD to take two-hour exams and $60 USD to take three-hour exams.

If you are currently registered for an exam you must schedule your appointment (but do not need to take the exam) by June 30th 2014 in order to avoid the $50 USD or $60 USD administration fee.