Faculty Development and Support Steering Committee By-Laws

NOTE: This policy was rescinded in January, 2013.

Please see the Faculty Handbook (PDF) for current information on academic decision and policy making groups.

The Faculty Development and Support Steering Committee (FDSSC) is a standing committee within academic affairs and, working in unison with the coordinator of faculty development and support, is responsible for providing support and opportunities for professional development for Excelsior College faculty. The committee is authorized to review proposals for faculty support and development and to make recommendations to the provost for their approval or rejection.

Working in collaboration with the director of faculty development and support, the committee is responsible for oversight of:

  • An annual needs assessment to guide planning for faculty development activities (face-to-face and virtual)
  • The faculty recognition and awards plan and selection of the EC Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year award recipient
  • A grant program to support scholarly work and professional development
  • Faculty orientation activities (face-to-face and virtual) including the EFT 101 Managing Your Online Course and EFT 102 Developing Your Online Course programs
  • The Faculty MyExcelsior page in cooperation with the Web Development Team
  • The Online Faculty Support Center, in coordination with the Office of Online Education and Learning Services (OELS)

The FDSSC also provides oversight of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and all of its related activities, e.g., model courses, a series of professional development webinars, etc.

Composition and Structure of the FDSSC

The FDSSC is a standing committee within academic affairs composed largely of faculty and staff from within the College as well as at least two, but no more than four, faculty representatives external to the College. The committee reports directly to the associate provost.

Appointment and Composition

All members of the FDSSC are appointed by the provost for two-year terms. Members may be reappointed to an additional one-year term upon the provost’s approval. Membership in the FDSSC will consist of:

  • Four full-time faculty representing each of the schools
  • Four adjunct faculty representing each of the schools
  • One representative from OELS
  • One representative from AU
  • The coordinator of faculty development and support

The director for faculty development and support will chair the committee. All members have equal voting privileges.

In addition to these members, the chair may invite representative(s) to sit on the committee for extended periods of time to advise on particular issues and to provide updates on task force initiatives.

Input from part-time and full-time faculty and EC students will be gathered when needed by the committee via focus groups, surveys, and/or teleconferences.

Meeting Frequency

The Faculty Development and Support Steering Committee will meet monthly for two hours.

Reporting Duties of the Chairperson

The chair of the FDSSC will make quarterly reports to the associate provost. The chair will also share appropriate information quarterly with deans and/or the Academic Affairs Council and/or the Student Affairs Council. Pertinent information will also be shared with EC faculty on a regular basis via the Faculty Newsletter.