Faculty Program Director Cybersecurity

Excelsior College, a private, non-for-profit, independently chartered institution and recognized leader in the field of alternative higher education, seeks applicants for the position of Faculty Program Director Cybersecurity within the School of Business and Technology (SBT). The College provides highly flexible and cost effective means for working adults to earn accredited college degrees.


The faculty program director works closely with all other School of Business and Technology staff and faculty and supportive units of the College, such as the assessment unit, to ensure quality of the respective program and services. Staff and faculty include:

  • Directors of advisement and evaluation.
  • Assistant deans.
  • Associate deans and the dean of the School of Business and Technology.
  • Internal faculty.
  • Support staff.
  • External faculty groups that support curriculum development and delivery.
  • Instruction and advisory services in the School of Business and Technology.

The roles and responsibilities of the faculty program director include those for the internal faculty of the School of Business and Technology as well as management and oversight of the delivery and development of the curriculum for the cybersecurity programs. They fall into the following categories of the respective program:

  • Development of the strategic direction of cybersecurity programs at Excelsior College.
  • Oversight for curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Project manager.
  • Human resource manager.
  • Facilitator


Development of the strategic direction of cybersecurity programs at Excelsior College

  • Assess the future needs of the cybersecurity profession in the United States and the world, and develop plans regarding how to best position Excelsior College's academic programs within that future vision for cybersecurity.
  • Align Excelsior's academic programs to that future vision.

Direct curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation

  • Chair/participate in faculty subcommittee(s):
    • Overall curriculum
    • Performance evaluation
    • Course Development
  • Oversee development, implementation, continual evaluation, and revision of curriculum including exams and courses.
  • Collaborate with other units of the College in activities that support implementation, continual evaluation, and revision of the curriculum.
  • Collaborate with advisors in student advisement activities.
  • Provide consultation services as requested.
  • Represent the College at professional meeting and forums.
  • Participate in scholarly activities supportive of the educational enterprise including research and development activities: participation in professional organizations, publications, and presentations.
  • Participate in School of Business and Technology college-wide committees:
    • Program Evaluation Committee
    • Evaluation Task Force
    • Faculty Role Committee
    • Other committees as assigned
  • Collaborate with other units for provision of student services.
  • Collaborate with other units for provision of marketing and enrolled student services.

Project Manager

  • Direct team work to actualize program goals that support the mission and strategic plan of the College and SBT.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of program operations and achievement of team goals.
  • Establish effective work plans to accomplish program goals.
  • Manage workflow efficiently.

Human Resource Manager

  • Coordinate faculty and support staff assignments.
  • Coordinate scheduling and delivery of quality assurance programs and program evaluation in collaboration with associate dean of SBT.
  • Evaluate faculty and support staff performance according to College policies.
  • Set clear expectations (goals and objectives for program) with adjunct faculty and support staff.
  • Facilitate goal and objective achievement among faculty and support staff.
  • Facilitate orientation and professional development of faculty and staff.
  • Recruit, interview, and hire adjunct new faculty and support staff.
  • Collaborate with the dean and associate dean to recruit, orient, and evaluate subcommittee members, and adjunct faculty.


  • Conduct monthly team meetings as needed.
  • Facilitate effective communication between the technology program and SBT, as well as with other units in the College.
  • Facilitate effective communication, collaboration, and consensus building among team members and promote team orientation.
  • Create an atmosphere that promotes and encourages leadership behaviors from all team members.
  • Orchestrate administrative aspects of examinations for credit, courses, and learning modules.
  • Coordinate meetings with other faculty program directors, project directors, and faculty.


The program director reports to the associate dean of technology in SBT.


Travel is required of all faculty and administrative personnel. The amount of travel varies by position and may be extensive.


  • An earned doctorate in cybersecurity or information technology is required, along with at least five years of teaching experience in a university or four year college.
  • Additional professional certifications are preferred.
  • Demonstrated excellence in written and oral communication.
  • Ability to work with diverse constituencies and staff.
  • Demonstrated commitment to non-traditional education.
  • Experience in maintaining accredited programs in engineering and technology and curriculum development.
  • Familiarity with online education required for undergraduate and graduate programs in cybersecurity or information technology.

Application Information

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Excelsior College offers competitive compensation and a generous benefits package that includes paid time off, retirement, and excellent health insurance. Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, resume, salary history, and the names of three professional references. Please submit requested information online, or by mail:

Excelsior College
Human Resources Office
Faculty Program Director, Cybersecurity Search
7 Columbia Circle
Albany, New York 12203-5159


We are an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer that strives to enhance our ability to develop a diverse faculty and staff and to increase our potential to serve a diverse student population.