For those affected by Hurricane Sandy

To assist students during this difficult time, we offer the following contact information. If you know of a student who has lost telephone and/or Internet service, please pass this information on to them so that when these services are restored they may reach us for assistance with their educational plan.

Excelsior College Courses

If you are unable to contact the instructor for a course for which you are currently registered, School staff can help.

Toll Free 877-852-5692

School of Liberal Arts
  Undergraduate Studies
  Graduate Studies

ext. 2067
ext. 2071
School of Business & Technology ext. 2068
School of Nursing
  Undergraduate Studies
  Graduate Studies

ext. 2069
ext. 2072
School of Health Sciences ext. 2070

Excelsior College Course Registration

Registration for the November 2012 term or information regarding course withdrawal

Toll Free 888-647-2388 ext. 4


SSAF or grad fee coming due, late fee assessed, course refund for the November 2012 term, etc.

Toll Free 888-647-2388

Ombudsperson Office  ext. 116994

Excelsior College Examinations

Reschedule an exam, exam extension, etc.

Test Administration at Excelsior College 888-647-2388 ext. 166
PearsonVue Testing Center 888-926-9488

Other Issues Regarding Your Academic Plan

Toll Free 888-647-2388

School of Liberal Arts
  Undergraduate Studies
  Graduate Studies

ext. 1321
ext. 1323
School of Business & Technology
  Business degrees
  Technology degrees

ext. 1331
ext. 1341
School of Nursing ext. 1314
School of Health Sciences ext. 137

Financial Aid

Toll Free 855-323-9235

Please identify yourself as a student impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

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