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Instructional Faculty Workload Policy


Statement of Policy

Excelsior College places a premium on recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly qualified instructional faculty to serve its students. Crucial to the College's mission is the need to appoint faculty who are dedicated to student success, who are knowledgeable and current in their fields, and who have the skills and talent to engage students in learning. To fulfill this mission, Excelsior depends on hundreds of adjunct faculty to deliver a large and growing number of graduate and undergraduate courses per year.

To manage this growth in a thoughtful and deliberate way, Excelsior places a necessary limit on the number of courses an adjunct faculty member may teach for the College within a calendar year. As it continues to grow, the College must carefully monitor and enforce the instructional faculty workload policy. There are compelling reasons for this:

  • There are legitimate concerns that adjunct faculty may be taken advantage of if they are teaching an excess number of courses. Excelsior College joins the ranks of most colleges and universities across the country in placing a strict limit on its adjunct workload to prevent even the perception that it is taking advantage of its adjunct faculty.
  • To ensure the academic quality of its courses, Excelsior must set reasonable limitations on the number of courses an adjunct faculty member may teach in a given term or year.
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