Known Issue with Pasting in Blackboard

Pasting with the upgraded Blackboard Content Editor in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari

The recent update to the Blackboard Course Environment allows for more advanced word processing functionality in the content editor. However, the update also resulted in changes in the security settings that have affected the way to paste copied content when using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. As these supported browsers react differently, please read the following information needed by browser.

While pasting in the Content Editor using Internet Explorer, this pop-up notification shows. Select Allow Access to allow for pasting during the current session of use.

Internet Explorer Allow Access window

In order to permanently enable the paste function in Internet Explorer, you can make changes in your Internet Options:


Note for PC users: If you don't see the Tools option, it is likely because it is hidden from view. You can show Tools by right-clicking to the right of the open browser tabs and then clicking on Menu Bar.

Firefox Tools Option


  1. Go to Tools then Internet Options

    Internet Explorer Options

  2. Select the Security Tab

    Internet Explorer Security Tab

  3. Select Custom level...

    Internet Custom Level

  4. Find "Allow Programmatic clipboard access" and select Enable then OK.

    Allow Programmatic clipboard access

When using these browsers and attempting to paste content to the Content Editor by right clicking on mouse – the following notice (or a similar one) will appear:

Browser Behavior Notice

Google Chrome and Apple Safari

Currently the paste function in the Text editing tools or pasting via mouse will not function. You will need to use the keyboard commands listed in the notice in order to paste text.

  1. Click in the Content Editor – Hold Ctrl key and the letter V together to paste content.

Mozilla Firefox

The keyboard commands listed in the notice will also work in Mozilla Firefox. However there is an existing browser enhancement for Firefox that will allow this restriction to be bypassed.

Please navigate to the Firefox Add-ONS page.

  1. From this page click the green Add to Firefox button. You might receive warnings asking you to verify this is what you want to do. If this happens, you can click Allow or Install Now. After installation you may also have to Click Restart Now (PC) or Restart Firefox (Mac) which will close and reopen Firefox.

    Firefox ADD-ONS page

    Firefox Install Now


    Firefox Restart Now


  2. When Firefox re-opens, enable the AllowClipboard Helper by selecting Tools and then Allow Clipboard Helper.

    Firefox Allow Clipboard Helper

  3. In the AllowClipboard Helper interface when you are on your course web page, the tool should automatically pre-fill the relevant information for your course content into its fields. Select Allow then OK and you should now be able to paste normally.

    Allow Firefox Allow Clipboard Helper

For computers whose security settings cannot be changed, the HTML button in the Text Editor will allow pasting into the content editor in Blackboard.

To do this:

  1. Click on the HTML link in the text editor:

    HTML link in text editor

  2. A pop-up window will open. Paste your text into the pop up window using Ctrl-v on your keyboard and click Update.

    Update HTML in text editor

  3. Your text will now be pasted into your submission post.

    Pasted text in text editor

    Please Note: Some text formatting may be removed. You should be able to correct for that using the other word processing tools listed in the text editor.

For more information or for assistance with any of these steps please contact Technical Support.