Limitations on Multiple W Grades in Excelsior College Courses for Undergraduate Students

Statement of Policy

In keeping with Excelsior College’s mission to provide educational opportunity to adult learners with an emphasis on those historically underrepresented in higher education, the College supports students as they transition to college while balancing personal and work demands. Some students, however, underestimate the amount and quality of work required to be successful at the college-level and may struggle to succeed during the transition period. An indication that a student may be struggling to meet academic expectations is when the student withdraws from courses multiple times. Interventions have been put in place in Academic Probation Policy for Undergraduate Students and Certificates and Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid.

Enrolled undergraduate students are allowed to accumulate a maximum of six W (not including AW and MW) grades in Excelsior College courses. After six W grades, the student will not be allowed the option to withdraw from a course. See also Grades Awarded and Accepted by Excelsior College.