Nursing Theory Examination Changes

Beginning with the Fall 2015 trimester, all our nursing theory examinations will be packaged with newly designed online conferences that will provide you with a trimester-based experience to facilitate your preparation for each examination. These will be called the Nursing Theory Conference Examination Series (NTCX).

Registration for the NTCX series will begin July 2015 for enrollment in the Fall 2015 trimester.


  • This new combination will provide an opportunity for you to become engaged, and stay engaged, with the subject matter covered in our curriculum. 
  • By packaging supportive conferences with the nursing theory examinations, you will retain the flexibility of an independent learner while benefitting from an organized approach to the examination preparation process.

How It Works

  • While NTCX conferences are not graded, there will be required weekly participation and activities in order for you to become eligible to schedule the associated examination.
  • To help you better plan your study timetable, the NTCX will coincide with the trimester schedule similar to our online courses. 
  • During the first 8 weeks you will participate in a required online conference related to a specific examination.
  • Each conference will have opportunities for you to interact with the topics covered in the examination along with other students and faculty.
  • These conferences will be delivered asynchronously so you can log in at a time that is convenient for you.
  • At the conclusion of the conference, a second 8-week period will begin during which you finish your studying and sit for the examination. 

You will be expected to complete the NTCX within the trimester. If you believe you will need more than the trimester to prepare and take the examination you are able to download the content guide and acquire your textbooks well in advance of the beginning of the nursing theory conference examination as long as you are an enrolled student.  Once you are eligible to take the NTCXs, you can register for and participate in the online conference as a final step in your exam preparation.


  • The exact cost will be announced later this year.
  • You should anticipate they will be more than today's cost of an examination and less than that of an online course.

We will provide more information about the NTCXs in the coming months. Please contact your advisor in the meantime if you have any questions.