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Partner logoExcelsior College has entered a unique collaborative partnership with Mediators Without Borders. This opportunity affords students with an opportunity to potentially earn a Mediation & Dispute Resolution Certificate from world-renowned Mediators Without Borders while earning your Master of Business Administration or your Master of Science in Management with Excelsior College.

In this unique initiative, Excelsior College is offering fully co-branded Mediators Without Borders course work in our high-quality, cutting-edge online classroom. As part of Mediators Without Borders "From Classroom to Career" initiative, students will be studying the Mediators Without Borders inAccord Conflict Analysis © model via rigorous online course work in the below courses.

The inAccord Conflict Analysis model is a psychologically based mediation, restorative justice and arbitration approach that is empirically tested under the direction of President Shauna Ries and Research Professor Emeritus Susan Harter. This curriculum is focused on helping students create careers in the rapidly expanding field of conflict resolution.

About our Collaboration

Excelsior College

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Excelsior College aspires to be a model university for the 21st Century. Excelsior will:

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  • be recognized as an ideal academic collaborator and as a valuable partner in addressing societal and workforce needs.

Mediators Without Borders

Mediators Without Borders is an international organization established in 1994, modeled to serve as an educational "Institute within Universities" and currently listed in over 900 college catalogues. Our mission for Sustainable Peace expanded in 2013 as MWB opens "Empirically Based Social Action Research" Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centers both Nationally & Internationally. This is a part of our "Classroom to Career" initiative.

MWB has a "fair profit" organizational model designing the ADR Centers to directly educate and serve the public in Facilitation, Mediation, Arbitration and Restorative Justice. The ADR Centers are implementing the research based inAccord model for justice with a goal to gather and report empirical data, provide internships abroad, and create economically sustainable endowments for the ADR Centers within the regions they operate.

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Program Details

Mediators Without Borders in partnership with Excelsior College MBA Program offers the 16 credit hour Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate to apply to your advanced degree.

These four courses, built on enduring foundations, represent 16 graduate credits:

  1. BUS/MWB 600 InAccord Mediation Certificate 
  2. BUS/MWB 605 Mediation Applied Practice Internship Certificate
  3. BUS/MWB 610 Workplace Mediation Certificate
  4. BUS/MWB 620 Arbitration Certificate

Master of Business Administration

This degree uses 16 graduate credits/semester hours of MWB coursework to satisfy MBA degree requirements.

Master of Science in Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may I speak to at Excelsior about this unique collaboration?

Call Kathryn Saintcross at 1-888-647-2388 ext 1331. Identify yourself as a "Mediators Without Borders" student and ask for Kate.

Or email MWBstudent@excelsior.edu and identify yourself as a "Mediators Without Borders" student in the subject line.

How does this work?

This program is designed primarily for students seeking mediation education and certification as part and parcel of the graduate degree experience. Excelsior offers the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and the Master of Science in Management Degree (MSM), which will both allow you to complete some, or all, of the required course work for the Mediators Without Borders Mediation/Dispute Resolution (MDR) certificate. Therefore, as long as you take the correct courses as part of your graduate degree experience, you could earn the MDR certification from Mediators Without Borders as part of your graduate degree experience.

Ok, I like what I see and I've decided this would be a huge help to my career and resumé. How do I get started?

You should fill out the graduate application for the degree you are seeking, either the MBA or the MSM. There is a graduate application fee of $100. Excelsior College requires that you have a regionally-accredited bachelor's degree, or the equivalent. During the application process, a business advisor will review your transcripts and outline your remaining degree requirements.

What are the requirements for international students?

International Students need the equivalent of a regionally-accredited bachelor's degree for acceptance into our graduate programs. Excelsior uses Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). You must order a subject analysis report from ECE. You may do this at the time of application to your graduate program at Excelsior College. You may reach ECE at the following information:

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
PO Box 514070
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Telephone: 414-289-3400
Email: eval@ece.org
Web: http://www.ece.org/excelsior


Have questions?

Call Kathryn Saintcross at 1-888-647-2388 ext 1331. Identify yourself as a "Mediators Without Borders" student and ask for Kate.

Or email KSaintcross@excelsior.edu and identify yourself as a "Mediators Without Borders" student in the subject line.

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Call Kate Saintcross at 1-888-647-2388 ext 1331 and identify yourself as a "Mediators Without Borders" student.

Or email Kate and identify yourself as a "Mediators Without Borders" student in the subject line.