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Bachelor of Science in Business (Finance) w/ CBE

Bachelor's in Business (Finance)

Are you making the most of the assets in your educational portfolio? Apply your past educational achievements to the competency-based Bachelor of Science in Business (Finance) at Excelsior College.

Competency-based education (CBE) at Excelsior allows you to earn your BS in Business with finance concentration through a personalized program of study that combines course-based learning, independent study, and earned external credits.

  • Course-based learning refers to Excelsior's 8 or 15-week online courses in finance, business, and other subjects that are directly informed by current trends in workforce development.
  • Independent study options help you pursue self-paced learning with study guides and practice tests before earning credit by exam. You can also simply test out of subjects you've already mastered. 
  • Earned external credits are accrued through coursework completed at other institutions, military experience, college-level exam