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Bachelor of Science in Business (Global Business) w/ CBE

Bachelor's in Business (Global Business)

When you're working and going to school, your business degree can feel far away. But Excelsior College helps bring the Bachelor of Science in Business (Global Business) closer to you.

A national leader in adult education, Excelsior enables you to earn a business degree at your own pace by letting you build on what you know and develop a personalized program of study that's aligned with employer needs, so you can advance in your career.

Competency-based education (CBE) at Excelsior allows you to earn your BS in Business with global business concentration through a personalized program of study that combines course-based learning, independent study, and earned external credits.

  • Course-based learning refers to Excelsior's 8 or 15-week online courses in international business, and other subjects that are directly informed by current trends in workforce development.
  • Independent study options help you pursue self-paced learning with study