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Master of Business Administration (Social Media Management)

Master of Business Administration (Social Media Management)

When Excelsior College launched its Master of Business Administration (Social Media Management) in 2012, it was one of the only programs of its kind.

Now other U.S. colleges are unveiling their own social media management MBA degree programs. That's hardly surprising. A pioneer in distance learning and adult education since 1971, Excelsior College often leads the way in trying out new ideas—and passing the benefits on to adult students.

Our social media management MBA concentration is yet another example. Our unique MBA degree program allows you to:

  • Take all your courses online, on whatever schedule works for you.
  • Graduate in less time, for less money.
  • Earn a respected MBA degree that makes an impact in the job market.
  • Get a head start in a fast-growing sector that's bursting with opportunities.

Become a Social Media Management Leader

In Excelsior's social media management MBA concentration, you'll learn to use Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media tools to:

  • Create and implement social media marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate social media tools with traditional marketing strategies.
  • Identify and market to targeted audiences.
  • Effectively manage online communities.
  • Measure and analyze audience behavior.

Designed with direct input from industry experts, Excelsior's social media management MBA concentration emphasizes practical, hands-on skills. You'll gain social media management expertise that brings your organization up to speed—and offers the potential to get ahead of the curve.

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MBA Program Outcomes

MBA Degree Credit Requirements

The MBA requires 36 - 51 credits, depending on a student's prior learning. Students may transfer in up to 24 approved credits. The program has 5 foundation requirements that can be waived on the basis of prior upper level undergraduate study in the relevant areas. Approved undergraduate courses must be no older than 10 years, with a grade of B or better. The foundation requirements are:

  • Ethics
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Quantitative Analysis

Any waivers will be counted as part of the 24 credits allowed in transfer. See catalog for further details.

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Program Outcomes

Upon completion of an Excelsior College Master of Business Administration, you will be ab