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Master of Business Administration (Technology Management)

Master of Business Administration (Technology Management)

In the age of smartphones and iPads, technology management is a requirement of daily life for most of us. For some, it's a professional duty.

If you've acquired technology management expertise on the job, in the military, or in other nonacademic settings, you can apply it toward an online MBA degree from Excelsior College. Our Master of Business Administration (Technology Management) allows you to leverage your prior knowledge and education to earn an MBA quickly, affordably, and conveniently.

A Faster, Easier Track to an MBA Degree

Excelsior's liberal credit-transfer policies allow you to earn your MBA degree in the shortest possible time. You can transfer in as many as 24 approved credits, half the total necessary to complete an MBA with concentration in technology management. You'll need fewer courses to graduate, saving you time and mone