End of Life Care Certificate

Online Certificate from an Accredited Leader in Distance Learning


As the U.S. population ages, the need for end of life care specialists continues to grow. Bring your talent and experience into this important segment of the health care work force by earning an online Certificate in End of Life Care from Excelsior College.

Designed for dedicated, knowledgeable health care professionals, the 12-credit end of life care certificate program is built around flexible online courses that allow you to:

  • Balance education with jobs and family responsibilities. You take classes where and when it's convenient for you—perfect for shift workers and other employed adults.
  • Learn at your own pace. You can earn the end of life care certificate in as little as one year, or you can stretch it out up to three years.
  • Get all the support you need. Online communities, peer networks, and academic advisors ensure that although you'll work independently, you'll never be alone.

With an end of life care certificate from Excelsior, you can improve your career and your earning potential—while using your talents to improve the quality of life for older Americans.

Learn about other benefits for working adults in Excelsior College's End of Life Care Certificate program.

Gain Meaningful Work and Career Rewards with an End of Life Care Certificate

Excelsior has offered pioneering programs in health care education since the 1970s. We developed our end of life care classes with input from experienced industry leaders, and we constantly review and revise course materials to ensure they reflect the latest innovations and industry best practices.

As you work toward your end of life care certificate, you'll develop specialized skills and expertise in subjects such as:

  • Pain and symptom management
  • Spirituality in health care
  • Coping strategies for families and patients
  • Grief and bereavement

While the end of life care certificate is a stand-alone educational credential, you may choose to build on it by applying the credits you earn toward a bachelor's or master's degree.

Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Learn more about the MSCHE accreditation programs and specialized accreditations on our accreditation page.

By completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Articulate the role of the health care professional within their respective philosophical, theoretical framework of practice.
  2. Utilize assessment frameworks to plan, intervene and evaluate end of life care.
  3. Communicate effectively and compassionately with culturally diverse patients, families and team members.
  4. Apply legal and ethical principles in the analysis of complex issues at the end of life care recognizing the influence of personal values, professional codes and patient and family preferences.
  5. Collaborate with members of the interdisciplinary team members, community agencies and patients/families in implementing their respective roles in end of life care.
  6. Identify areas of professional growth and develop confidence in providing quality end of life care.

Minimum of 12 credits. Students may choose any four of the following programs:

  • The Global Impact of AIDS: Person, Family, Community
  • Principles and Practice of End of Life Care
  • Death, Dying and Bereavement
  • Symptom Management in End of Life Care
  • Case Management in End of Life Care
  • Multidisciplinary Wound Care
  • Spirituality in Life Transitions

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