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Masters of Science in Health Sciences (Health Professions Education)

Master's in Health Sciences (Health Professions Education)

Careers in allied health professions are one of the fastest growing areas in the job market. With this growth comes the need for more educators in these professions. Excelsior College designed its Master of Science in Health Sciences (Health Professions Education) to meet this growing need.

Demand for a focus in education is higher than ever and now it's easier than ever to specialize in health professions education at the graduate level, thanks to Excelsior.

Designed for practicing health professionals who desire to move into a faculty role within their profession, our dynamic online program provides skills in:

  • Curriculum development
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Technology applications
  • Classroom and clinical instruction
  • Principles of teaching and learning

Excelsior designed this online master's degree for adult students who have busy lives and a lot of real-world experience. You'll enjoy:

  • Generous credit-