Liberal Studies

Online Master's Degree from an Accredited Leader in Distance Learning


Excelsior College designed its online Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program for busy working adults.

One of the first fully online liberal studies master's degree programs in the country, Excelsior allows you to fit graduate school into a schedule that's already packed with work and family responsibilities.

You'll take all your classes online, where and when it's convenient for you. But you'll also get superior academic quality, along with the one-on-one faculty mentoring you'd expect from a traditional graduate school. And you'll benefit from:

  • Generous transfer policies. Get a head start on your liberal arts master's degree by transferring up to 15 credits (nearly half the total required for graduation) from other accredited graduate schools.
  • Affordable tuition. Because we're fully online, Excelsior carries lower overhead and passes the savings on to students. Visit our fees and tuition page to see just how much you can save.
  • First-rate student support. The academic advising team at Excelsior has won national awards. You'll get personalized attention from advisors who know you by name.
  • A customizable degree program. You'll choose your own focus in Excelsior's liberal studies master's degree program, developing deep expertise in a subject that fascinates you.

Advance Your Career with a Liberal Arts Master's Degree

Excelsior is one of the few fully online colleges to hold membership in the Association for Graduate Liberal Studies, alongside universities such as Dartmouth, Stanford, and Duke. We also are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. (Learn more about the MSCHE accreditation programs and specialized accreditations on our Accreditation page.)

As a student in Excelsior's liberal arts master's degree program, you'll work closely with first-rate faculty who are affiliated with leading institutions all over the world. You'll have the luxury of exploring a topic that fascinates you, while cultivating marketable skills such as:

  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Advanced writing and communication
  • Research
  • Interdisciplinary synthesis
  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Problem-solving and decision-making

Boost your career opportunities and earning potential with a liberal arts master's degree from a national leader.

The student who completes the program would be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the integration and application of knowledge in two or more liberal arts and science disciplines.
  2. Evaluate written or spoken hypotheses utilizing data and drawing on prior knowledge.
  3. Create connections between issues and their historical and/or social context.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of cultural differences and knowledge of contributions from various cultures.
  5. Demonstrate critical and analytical thought in the examination of a range of issues by designing and implementing a substantive research investigation.

This program accepts up to 15 of your previous earned graduate level credits. Certain conditions apply. Please consult the graduate admissions office for further details.  See the credit requirements in chart form (PDF).

Students must complete 3 of the following foundational courses:
MLS 500 Graduate Research and Writing 9
MLS 623 The Search for Meaning and Identity
MLS 673 Mindsets: Cross-Cultural Understanding
Students must complete 1 of the following to complete the foundational coursework:
MLS 624 Classical Legacies 3
MLS 632 Capitalism and Its Impact
MLS 634 Revolutions in Science and Society
Degree Completion Plan: Students must complete 12 credits in two or more liberal studies disciplines.
MLS 661 Cultural Perspectives — Interpretive Strategies 12
MLS 662 Ethics in a Changing World
MLS 664 Geopolitical Brinksmanship
MLS 665 Insecurity in the World
MLS 667 Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
MLS 668 Religion in Society & World Politics
MLS 669 Economic Development in Lesser Developed Nations and Communities
MLS 681 Leadership in Organizations and Education
MLS 682 Social Issues in Organizations and Education
MLS 683 The Art of Leadership: Literature and Film
MLS 684 Ethics, Media, the Arts and Society
MLS 685 Strategic Problem-Solving
MLS 693 Social Justice and Societal Oppression
MLS 694 Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution
MLS 701 and
MLS 706 Independent Learning Contract
Students must complete 9 credits.
MLS 697 Methodology* 9
MLS 900 The Master's Thesis

*requirement can also be completed by MLS*703 Graduate Historiography or MLS*703 Literary Theory

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