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AS / AAS Nursing: Intro

Associate in Nursing Degree Programs

Excelsior's associate programs in nursing are specifically designed for LPNs, LVNs, paramedics, and certain classifications of active duty military, National Guard, or Reserves within specific military occupations with equivalent scope of practice to LPN/LVN or paramedic.

Working nurses and health care professionals come to Excelsior because they want to earn an accredited degree through flexible online courses, online conferences, and/or credit by exam options.


  • A student's possession of an LPN, Paramedic, or Military Corpsman credential does not guarantee success in Excelsior's Associate Degree in nursing program.
  • All applicants to the School of Nursing are expected to review the School of Nursing Catalog prior to enrolling in a degree program. 
  • Students enrolled in Excelsior's associate degree in nursing program will be assigned to a primary academic advisor but may also work with different members of the academic advisement team during their enrollment.
  • Students will be responsible for paying an annual fee for each year they continue in the associate degree in nursing program.
  • A student's success or failure in completing program requirements (including theory and other examinations) will affect his or her progress through the associate degree in nursing program.
  • The associate degree program is designed for individuals with experience in clinical settings. There is no clinical instruction provided in the associate degree nursing program.
  • The wait time to test at each CPNE® site varies depending on application volume at each site.
  • Students are responsible for the CPNE application fee, and travel and lodging costs for each administration of the CPNE.
  • Students who fail the CPNE will be required to retake all portions of a subsequent examination and are responsible for all fees associated with retaking the CPNE.
  • During the CPNE, Excelsior will seek to provide each student with a pediatric patient; however, an adult patient may be substituted if no pediatric patient is available.
  • Students are responsible for reading and understanding the RN licensure requirements in the state of their choice when planning for program completion or considering a change in their permanent address. Students may consult with Excelsior's State Board team and visit our State Board Requirements page for current information regarding eligibility for RN licensure in each state and U.S. jurisdiction.
  • Pass rates for the CPNE and National Council Licensure Examination-RN (NCLEX-RN®) are updated and available on the Excelsior College web site.
  • Because each institution of higher education maintains its own credit transfer policy, credits earned in Excelsior's Associate Degree in nursing program may or may not be transferable to other institutions.

Application Requirements

Before applying, it's important that you read and understand all of the application requirements for this program. If you have any questions, contact your admissions counselor. 

To be eligible for admission, you ne