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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Investigative Forensics)

Bachelor's in Criminal Justice (Investigative Forensics)

In the competition for top-level law enforcement, investigation, and correctional positions, a bachelor's degree can give you a big advantage.

Get a competitive edge quickly and conveniently with Excelsior College's online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Investigative Forensics concentration).

Whether you're just starting out in your career or are a working professional who's striving for promotion to upper-level jobs, Excelsior's online criminal justice degree offers more flexibility and convenience than a traditional criminal justice degree program.

In addition to our core online criminal justice courses, you'll concentrate on key investigative forensic topics in our upper level forensic pathology, forensic psychology, and computer forensic courses, to name just a few. Interested? Check out all the the course requirements below.

Excelsior's program is specifically designed for working adults, providing a practical path to degree completion. At Excelsior, you will:

  • Take online criminal justice courses on your own schedule, without interfering