Military Studies

Online Bachelor's Degree from an Accredited Leader in Military Education


The Bachelor of Science in Military Studies offers solid preparation for careers in defense contracting, consulting, analysis, and other national security industries.

With a 35-year track record as one of America's most military-friendly colleges, Excelsior College designed the military studies degree specifically for active-duty servicemembers and working adults who are employed in the civilian work force.

See the course requirements for the Bachelor's in Military Studies degree.

Core requirements

  • Military History such as:
    • HIS 131 Introduction to Military History
    • HIS 231B U.S. Military History
  • Military Science/Operations/Tactics/Logistics/specialized evaluated military training (2 courses or 6 hours) such as:
    • MIL 131 Military Science I: Application of Contemporary Tactics
    • MIL 231B Military Science IB: Application to Contemporary Tactics
    • MIL 132 Military Science II: Aligning Effective Teams with Organizational Objectives
    • MIL 232B Military Science IIB: Aligning Effective Teams with Organizational Objectives
    • Selected MOS, Basic and Specialized trainings evaluated by Excelsior College or ACE
  • Military Leadership  and Personnel Management (2 courses or 6 hours) such as:
    • MIL 301 Great Military Leaders, evaluated military training (U.S. Army Warrior Leaders Course)
    • The military studies major requires the completion of the Excelsior College capstone course LA 498MIL
  • Ethics course
  • Military Studies Capstone, with a grade of C or better*.

Emphasis area

  • Military History and Politics such as:
    • HIS 332 History of Foreign Affairs since 1898
    • HIS 341 Contemporary European History and Politics
    • HIS 352 U.S.-Vietnam War
    • HIS 336 World War II
    • POL 342/HIS 342 Contemporary Middle East History
    • POL 350 Beyond War and Peace, International Relations
    • HISX 340 World Conflicts Since 1900 exam
  • The Application of Leadership
  • Foreign Language and Culture such as: credit from the Defense Language Institute, college level foreign language courses or courses concentrated on a particular culture (can mix language and culture courses but all 9 credits must concentrate on the same geographic culture)
    • SPAX 102 Spanish Language
  • National Security Analysis  and Military Intelligence.

    Students can take up to 6 credits (double dip) between their undergraduate and graduate degrees at Excelsior College, provided they have completed 105 credits of their undergraduate degree.  These graduate courses qualify under area IID of the Military Studies major towards the Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree.

    • CJ 355 Analyzing Intelligence, Terrorism and National Security
    • CJ 454 Terrorism in the 21st Century: Tactics, Weaponry and Responses
    • CJ 456 Bioterrorism
    • MCJ 650 Terrorism and Counterterrorism
    • MLS 665 Insecurities in the World
    • MLS 685 Strategic Problem Solving

* Capstone course must be taken at Excelsior College and cannot be transferred in.

A longstanding partner with military colleges, training programs, and funding organizations, Excelsior has been recognized by GI Jobs, Military Advanced Education, Military Times Edge, and other publications. Our military studies degree stands out for:

  • Flexible online courses that you can complete at your convenience, on a schedule that makes sense for you.
  • Outstanding academics, with emphasis on practical knowledge and real-world applications.
  • Experienced, highly qualified faculty with deep knowledge of defense-related industries.
  • Generous credit-transfer policies that award academic credit for past college transcripts, military training, and professional education.
  • Budget-friendly tuition and fees that take full advantage of military and veterans' benefits. (Visit our Costs and Financing page for details.)
  • Responsive academic advisors who understand military students.

Build Your Career with a Military Studies Degree

Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. (Learn more about the MSCHE accreditation and programs specialized accreditations on our accreditation page.)

Introduced in 2013, Excelsior's military studies degree complements our broad range of programs designed for U.S. servicemembers and veterans. We currently serve more than 10,000 military students, and have granted degrees and certificates to more than 60,000 students with a military background.

Minimum of 120 credits: 60 credits (21 in upper level) in arts and sciences and 59 credits (9 in upper level) in applied professional courses, additional arts and sciences courses or a combination of both, and 1 credit in Information Literacy Requirement. Major Component: minimum of 36 credits, with at least 18 at the upper level and a minimum 2.0 GPA required. See the credit requirements in chart form.

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