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Program: Technology: Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies: Computer Technologies Concentration

Associate in Technical Studies (Computer Technologies)

You can learn a lot about computer science in the military or on the job. Excelsior College enables you to apply that knowledge toward a marketable degree: an Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies (Computer Technologies concentration).

Excelsior's online classes and flexible credit structure are a perfect fit for students with a military background or prior workforce experience. You can earn our AAS in Technical Studies more quickly, conveniently, and affordably than a traditional computer science degree. And you can do it without disrupting your work and family commitments.

Here's how it works:

  • You'll take online computer technology classes on your own schedule, at your own convenience.
  • Excelsior will grant academic credit for qualifying types of applied computer science training and experience.
  • We'll grant you maximum transfer credit for prior courses from accredited colleges, including military coursework.
  • You'll have a chance to earn credit by exam, testing out of courses for subjects you've already mastered.

You'll only take the courses you really need, so you'll graduate more quickly than you could in a standard computer science degree program, while building a solid foundation for career growth and further education.

A Convenient, Flexible, Affordable Education in