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Program: Technology: Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies: Electromechanical Technologies Concentration

Associate in Technical Studies (Electromechanical Technologies)

Military service and job experience often produce a strong applied education in automated machinery and computer-driven technology. At Excelsior College, you can build on that experience to earn a marketable degree quickly and conveniently—and completely online.

With an Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies (Electromechanical Technologies concentration), you'll be able to compete successfully for jobs in manufacturing, computing, telecommunications, energy, health care, and many other industries.

One of America's most military-friendly institutions, Excelsior tailors its programs for working adults who need to balance college with work and family commitments. You'll take online technical studies classes on your own schedule, so they won't interfere with your job.

And Excelsior allows you to complete your AAS in technical studies more quickly by:

You may already be within a few courses of an AAS degree—and the increased marketability and earning power that come with it.

Fit an Associate Technical Degree into Your Schedule and Budget

To maintain accreditation, we must pass strict standards for academic quality. Our courses in electromechanical technologies were developed with industry input and are constantly revised to reflect the most current practices.

You'll cultivate skills in areas such as:

  • Electronics and circuits
  • Microprocessors
  • Control systems
  • Computer programming
  • Applied thermodynamics

Excelsior's award-winning academic advisors are always available to provide whatever support you need to complete your degree. Boost your skills, status, and earning power with an AAS in Technical Studies.

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