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Bachelor of Science in Technology (Electromechanical Technologies)

Bachelor's in Technology (Electromechanical Technologies)

With so much of today's economy based on advanced electronics and automated technology, employers in nearly every industry need electromechanical specialists on the payroll.

You can compete successfully for these high-tech jobs with an online Bachelor of Science in Technology (Electromechanical Technologies) from Excelsior College.

A national leader in adult education and workforce development since 1971, Excelsior clears away obstacles that often prevent working adults from completing a bachelor's technology degree. With online courses, flexible credit policies, affordable tuition, and a supportive academic environment, Excelsior enables you to earn a technology degree on your terms. You'll be able to:

  • Take online technology courses on your own time, when they won't conflict with work, family, and life responsibilities.
  • Pay affordable tuition and low student fees, with flexible payment plans to help you keep expenses within your budget.
  • Graduate more quickly, thanks to generous transfer policies that allow you to satisfy many of the technology degree's requirements in advance.
  • Earn credit for military classes and some training programs, while attending one of the nation's top-rated institutions for servicemembers and their families.
  • Get top-notch academic support from Excelsior's award-winning team of advisors.

After completing the bachelor's of technology degree, you'll be well positioned for jobs in manufacturing, computing, telecommunications, energy, health care, and many other industries.

Boost Your Career and Earning Potential with an Online Technology Degree

Excelsior's online technology degree program meets high academic standards and reflects the most current industry trends and best practices. Our technology classes are led by experienced professors who have years of first-hand experience.

You'll have direct interaction with faculty and students via Excelsior's robust online communities, while developing practical skills in such areas as:

  • Electronics and circuits
  • Applied thermodynamics
  • Heat transfer and fluids
  • Materials science

BS in Technology Degree Requirements

BS in Technology Degree Requirements

Minimum of 120 credits: 60 in arts and sciences, 48 in the technology component, and 12 in free electives inclu