Repeating Excelsior College Courses

Effective July 1, 2014

Statement of Policy

Enrolled undergraduate students are allowed 2 retakes of an Excelsior College course for which they have received an F (or D grade in a core or professional component requirement). Grades of W (withdrawn), AW (administratively withdrawn), and MW (military withdrawal) are excluded from this policy.

A student who fails a required capstone or a nursing theory course 3 times cannot complete the program and must transfer to an appropriate degree program within 60 days. Failure to transfer will result in academic dismissal from the program and administrative withdrawal from the College.

Excelsior courses with acceptable grades (D or C depending on program requirement) cannot be repeated for a higher grade. If the student chooses to repeat the course, it will not apply to the degree. Note: Financial Student Aid (Title IV) cannot pay for a previously passed course.

Some Excelsior College degrees have time limits on the acceptance of courses to meet degree requirements. In such cases, the course(s) can be repeated for the degree regardless of previous grade earned.


  • Federal Student Aid (Title IV) can only pay for 1 such repeat.
  • Repeating any Excelsior College requirement will require students to pay the tuition and/or fees that are associated with repeating the requirement.


The advisor will notify a student at the time of their evaluation when an F (or D grade in core or professional component requirement) is received.

  • If it is the first or second F (or D grade in core or professional component requirement) in the course, the student will be notified that they can retake the course.
  • If it is the third F (or D grade in core or professional component requirements), the student will be notified that they cannot take the course again. 

Note: Students who take a combination of nursing courses and nursing theory examinations will have a maximum of 4 attempts. For example, students may take 1 course and 3 exams; 2 courses and 2 exams; 3 courses and no exams; 1 exam and 3 courses; or 4 exams and no courses.  See Repeating Excelsior College Examinations and Grades Awarded and Accepted by Excelsior College.

If the student does not send in the transfer request within 60 calendar days, then the student will be academically dismissed from the program and administratively withdrawn from the College. If after 60 days, the student wishes to enroll in a different program they will be responsible for the full enrollment fees.

Please refer to Administrative Withdrawal and Academic Dismissal for further details.