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President: Donald Grove

Donald GroveMr. Donald L. Grove, Sr., Nuclear Industry Expert (S.M.E.) and owner of Nuclear Recruiters, Inc., has over 12 years of unescorted access in the protected areas, experience working in Commercial Nuclear power plants as a contractor, as well as a full time in-house employee. Unique industry experience in over 10 PWR (pressurized water reactors), BWR (boiling water reactors) and CANDU Nuclear Power Plants in the US and Canada abroad, training, qualifications, education and solid business relationships have helped him succeed in this competitive market. Grove is currently enrolled at Excelsior College pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology to Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Leadership.

Donald Grove is the author of the book, The Essential Guide to Getting a Job in the Nuclear Power Industry, How to Secure Full-Time Employment or Contract Work.

Vice President: Steven Martinez

Steven MartinezSteven Martinez is from San Diego, California. He attended the Nuclear Field A school and power school in Charleston, SC. Steven completed the nuclear prototype in Ballston Spa, New York, on the S8G Plant. He currently serves as a Nuclear Machinist Mate onboard an Ohio Class Submarine, USS Tennessee. He is transitioning to become an instructor at NPTU Charleston, and is a qualified Engineering Watch Supervisor.

Steven is completing his studies in the Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology degree program.

Communications Officer/Treasurer: Erich Schmidt

Erich Schmidt was born and raised in Northern Minnesota and graduated with honors from Carlton High School in Carlton Minnesota in 1990. He joined the Navy as a Nuclear Electrician in December of 1990 and graduated from the Navy's Nuclear Program in November of 1992. In December of that year he reported to his first submarine, USS Whale (SSN 638) in Groton Connecticut. He then reported to USS Chicago (SSN 721) in San Diego California in 1995. After changing homeports to Pearl Harbor Hawaii he left the Chicago in December of 1997 and reported to USS Alabama (SSBN 731) in January of 1998. Upon completion of his first sea tour Erich reported to NAVIMFACPACNORWEST in Bangor Washington in April of 2000. He has served as a waterfront electrician in shop 51A until reporting to the USS Henry M Jackson (SSBN 730) in August of 2003. After completing an engineered refueling overhaul and all associated sea trials he departed in August of 2008 and was attached to NRD Denver and station at the MEPS in Salt Lake City Utah as an enlisted classifier and assistant nuclear recruiter. After 1 year at MEPS Salt Lake City Erich was advanced to and initiated as a Chief Petty Officer. In December of 2010 he departed to take charge of the electrical division on board USS Seawolf (SSN 21) in Bremerton Washington. After completing another overhaul and sea trials Erich retired from the Navy in May of 2013.

Erich resides in Salt Lake City Utah and works at a local oil refinery as a permanent contractor for John Crane Inc. He is enrolled the BS Nuclear Engineering Technology/Masters in Business Administration dual degree program.

Faculty Advisor: Michael Johnson

Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson's nuclear career started in the Navy as a nuclear trained machinist mate serving on submarines and instructor duty. He was commissioned as a Naval Officer (Limited Duty Officer) and served as a Naval Reactors representative at Newport News Shipbuilding, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and the Naval Reactors Facility in Idaho. Michael held positions as the Assistant Radiological Controls and Nuclear Repair Officer on a submarine tender.

Upon his retirement from the Navy, he held leadership positions in the operations and maintenance departments at the Department of Energy nuclear facility in Idaho and in the commercial nuclear industry. He is currently the Faculty Program Director for Energy Management at Excelsior College.

Michael qualified Surface Warfare Officer, Enlisted Submarines, Engineering Officer of the Watch, and Engineering Watch Supervisor while in the Navy. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from NY State Board of Regents External Degree Program (Excelsior College), a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology from Excelsior College, a Master of Science in Management from Florida Institute of Technology, and a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix.


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