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Federal and Financial aid is available regardless of income, with low interest rates and flexible payment options. Excelsior College is the pioneer in offering federal aid for a completely online education. Certificate programs do not qualify for financial aid.

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It is possible to do so for most of our degree programs. Examinations are available in information technology and some lower-level electrical  subjects. It is important to note that these exams are geared for students who have already gained relevant college-level knowledge from work experience. Distance courses, including many at the upper level, are available in information technology,electrical  engineering technology, and nuclear engineering technology. Your advisor can let you know how they apply toward your degree requirements.

If you have taken corporate training courses that have been evaluated for college-level credit by the American Council on Education, you may be able to get credit directly by asking your company to send us an official transcript of your corporate training courses. Excelsior College does not award credit directly for life experience; however, you may be able to validate your college-level knowledge in technology through a number of approved methods including our portfolio-based assessment program, examinations from Ohio University (for lower-level electronics core requirements), examinations from the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP), and some of the examinations offered by other vendors for computer information systems.

It depends on the technology degree program you choose. For example, most military credit is applicable to the BPS – Technology Management degree requirements. Credits from the Navy Nuclear Power School will apply toward requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology degree and for several specialization options within the Bachelor of Science in Technology degree requirements. Some Army military occupational specialties may apply toward technology degree requirements. On the other hand, credits from the Air Force training courses (Community College of the Air Force) are very task-specific and they do not meet technology degree requirements although they may be applied toward the general education requirements in many cases.

Distribution requirements for general education ensure that all students develop basic competence (at least 100-level courses/examinations) in the areas of arts and sciences (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics), as well as specific abilities in written English and information literacy.

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More than 250 graduate institutions, including many of the most traditional and competitive in the country, have admitted our graduates. Many of our graduates have said that the independence and motivation required by Excelsior College provides excellent preparation for graduate school. If you plan to continue in a different engineering or technology area other than the one in which you are currently enrolled at Excelsior, check with the advisors at the graduate school you want to attend to see if you may be asked to take any additional "bridge" courses to meet admission requirements.

Credit for IT Certifications

Excelsior College accepts the following professional certification examinations and courses for credit:

  • Cisco® Examinations
  • Microsoft® Certification Examinations
  • CompTIA® Certification Examinations
  • Sun Microsystems® Examinations
  • Oracle® Certification Examinations
  • SAS® Certification Examinations

However, you may not necessarily receive credit for all of the certification examinations shown. For example, if you’ve passed the exams for two versions of a course, just one of the exams will count toward degree credit. 

Each professional vendor has a different process for requesting transcripts.

To request that a transcript of your IT Certifications be sent to Excelsior College, visit our Credit for IT Certifications page.

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