Third Degree

Statement of Policy

Students who have two undergraduate degrees (at the same level) from Excelsior College or any other accredited institution and wish to pursue yet another undergraduate degree (at the same or lesser level) must petition in writing to the dean for the specific degree program, stating clearly the rationale for pursuing the additional degree and the educational need which will be met. Petitions must be approved before students will be allowed to enroll. The College, by policy, encourages students to progress to a higher degree whenever possible.

Students who have earned two or more degrees and are interested in earning an undergraduate degree in nursing at Excelsior College, are not required to petition the dean to explain their rationale for pursuing an additional degree and the educational need that will be met. It is understood that all those who are interested in a career as a registered nurse, must complete an Associate Degree in Nursing program that leads to RN Licensure.

The same conditions governing the earning of a second degree apply to earning a third degree. (See Second Degree policy.)

There are restrictions on the types and amounts of grants and loans available to students that have already earned a baccalaureate degree or a first professional degree and are pursuing a third degree. Students should refer to the Guide to Federal Student Aid published by the U.S. Department of Education. Third degree students may also wish to consult the Excelsior College Financial Aid Office for further information.

Note regarding graduate degrees: This policy applies to both undergraduate and graduate degrees, however, the petition process described in this policy applies only to students seeking a third undergraduate degree. Students who already have two or more graduate degrees do not have to petition to the dean for a waiver; however, these students will still be governed by the policy and procedures as stated in the Second Degree policy.


Third degree students will follow the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) guidelines. The credits from the prior degrees (maximum ¾ of their degree) will be placed on the status report and students will matriculate upon signoff of the initial evaluation.