Undergraduate Student Orientation

To provide newly enrolled undergraduate students with the skills, knowledge and understandings that they need to succeed at Excelsior College and to take full advantage of the resources that are available to them, Excelsior College requires newly enrolled undergraduate students to receive an orientation to the College.  All new undergraduate students will be required to take CCS 100 EC Student Experience. All students will have access to CCS 100 EC Student Experience throughout their enrollment. All undergraduate students must complete CCS100 EC Experience by the end of the first trimester of academic activity at Excelsior College.  For the purposes of this policy, the "first trimester" is defined as the first trimester when an enrolled student registered in Excelsior College sources of credits. Students who do not complete the requirement by the end of the first trimester will be prevented from registering for additional Excelsior College sources of credits.

In addition, students enrolling with 9 credits or less will be directed to take a more extensive credit-bearing orientation course, i.e. CCS 120 EC Student Success Seminar, CCS 112 Success Strategies For Military And Veterans  or ENG 101N: Composition for the Nursing Professional. Students will be informed which orientation course they should take.


CCS 100: Student Experience

All Excelsior College students (undergraduate, graduate, and certificates) will be given access to CCS 100 upon enrollment. The course will be available to them throughout their enrollment. All new undergraduate students will be required to take CCS 100 EC Student Experience. No tuition is charged for this self-paced, non-credit, online orientation. The course is divided into two sections – general and degree specific. The course is designed to take 9–10 hours for the student to complete. The general section is required and the student will take a pass/fail test at the end of the general section. The student can take the final until passed with no academic consequences. The course relies on engaging activities and multimedia to include the student as an active participant in the learning process to understand how to access and maximize the use of student resources at Excelsior. The degree specific module will focus on the student's program of choice. If the student has not completed this requirement by the end of the first trimester of academic activity, the student will be prevented from registering for additional Excelsior sources of credits. Exceptions to this requirement should be approved by the dean or designee.

CCS 112: Success Strategies for Military and Veterans

Prerequisite: Must be a veteran, active duty servicemember, military transitioner, or servicemember in reserve or guard components.

Active duty servicemembers, transitioning military members, servicemembers in reserve or guard components and veterans will be provided strategies for college and career success. This course will provide an exploration of Excelsior College's virtual student resources and financial aid options. Students will examine opportunities for making the most of their military experience and training using non-traditional educational supports. Activities will include self assessments for personal growth and relevant skill development, as well as, building perspectives on educational and career planning. Special emphasis is placed on Excelsior College services and career exploration.

CCS 120: EC Success Seminar

This three-credit online course provides the student with practical strategies, knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for success in achieving a college education at Excelsior College. Students will learn how to manage the distinct college environment that is Excelsior College and how to take advantage of the many resources that are available to them as Excelsior students. They will also learn how to persist in their college aspirations and how to succeed in an online course. Students will identify their own barriers to success in college and devise strategies for overcoming these barriers. Students will also define and explore their motivations for returning to college. Emphasis is placed on self-reflection, critical thinking, effective study skills, online technology, analytical reading, brief writing exercises, reasoning, problem-solving, self-management and planning strategies for success at Excelsior College. Students in this course must be willing to engage in teamwork and to engage honestly and intelligently with all members of the class.

ENG 101N: Composition for the Nursing Professional

Composition for the Nursing Professional is a three-credit online course that focuses on the writing process with a special focus on the writing needs of the nursing professional who is seeking a college degree. Students will gain greater confidence in their writing skills and will learn to apply improved critical thinking skills, test-taking strategies, self-assessment tools and career planning skills to their personal and professional lives and to their roles as part time students at Excelsior College.*

*This course satisfies the written English requirement and the orientation requirement for eligible associate degree in nursing students.