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Your 2014-15 Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Association is represented by its Advisory Board, which is made up of members elected by alumni. There are 12 advisory board members, who are guided by an Executive Committee consisting of a president, vice president, and secretary. Advisory board members serve a term of three years and represent the diverse background of the Excelsior College alumni population.

2014-2015 Alumni Association Advisory Board Members

Alumni Association Officers

William Senn
, BCI '07
Nolensville, TN
Serving 2011-2015

Vice President
LCDR Shannon McMillan
, AS '07, BA '09
Virginia Beach, VA
Serving 2010-2016

Ronald Tosto
, BPT '12
Walnut Creek, CA
Serving 2012-2015  

Advisory Board Members

Sandra Butterfield, BS in Nursing '86
Spring Valley, CA
Serving 2014-2017

Daniel L. Coberly, AS '77, BS '84
Hazel Green, AL
Serving 2013-2016

Kadidia Doumbia, BS '85
Washington, DC
Serving 2010-2016

Jennifer Gentry, AS in Nursing '04, BS in Nursing '11
Portland, TX
Serving 2014-2017

Dwayn Hanford, BS '05
Springfield, VA
Serving 2012-2014

Wayne A. Oppel, BS '91
Winston-Salem, NC
Serving 2009-2015 

Shelia A. Scott, BS '02
Hickory, NC
Serving 2013-2016


Marcy Stryker, Director of Development

Renee Kelly, Alumni Affairs and Annual Campaign Manager

Makiko Okada-Cichy, Database Specialist

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