Become an Alumni Ambassador

Are you an enthusiastic Excelsior graduate*?

Would you like to help strengthen the College's network of more than 150,000 graduates?

Excelsior alumni are unique and you can help us generate a sense of identity among graduates of the College.

What do Alumni Ambassadors do?

There are many ways alumni can be Ambassadors for Excelsior College. You may want to:

  • Submit news or developments about alumni from your area to the Alumni Office
  • Promote the College to others by talking about its goals, mission, and programs
  • Allow the College to share your name and contact information with Alumni and students, if requested, in your geographical area
  • Support marketing and promotional initiatives of the Alumni and Admissions Office
  • Offer advice on venues and suppliers for potential alumni events as needed
  • Refer friends and acquaintances to Excelsior to complete their degrees
  • Share your Excelsior College experience with others both informally and formally by providing a testimonial the College can use in its marketing materials
  • Stay active in social media and advocate on behalf of the College on your networks*

If you have the time and want to get even more involved, at times we need alumni who can:

  • Help make phone calls to remind alumni about upcoming events as requested by the Alumni Office
  • Act as a point of contact for information and advice on your career field
  • Coordinate or host activities and events for alumni and students in your area

Alumni Ambassador Registration

Questions? Contact the Alumni Office at (888) 647-2388, ext. 145 or

* Whether you graduated from Excelsior, Regents College, USNY-Regents, or Regents External Degree Program (REX), we need your help in improving our outreach efforts.

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Send news of your accomplishments and activities so that we can take our hats off to you in future issues of Excelsior's Magazine!

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Honor Rolls 

Through contributions of time, talent, and treasure, Excelsior College alumni can help provide life-changing opportunities to students, engage graduates, and advance the mission of the College.

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